Need a new CDMA card. Getting only silence from RW

My son lost his phone and has purchased a used one through Swappa. I know I will need a new CDMA sim card from RW (in our location CDMA works best). I could not find any way to order one through the RW website. I submitted a help ticket on Sunday and got the auto response and suggested help topics which are no help. It’s now Tuesday and I still have not heard from RW. Is this the new standard for RW. I am having second thougths on sticking with them if it is. The phone will be here tomorrow and I was hoping to have a sim card ready to put in it.

unfortunately its no longer possible to get a CDMA SIM Card or even a 4.0 My Choice GSM SIM card as Republic no longer has the ability to activate them all new SIM must be on the 5.0 New Plans (which uses the AT&T network)

just for reference the CDMA network was the Sprint Network which is now own by T-Mobile who is NOT letting any carrier activate new phones or SIMs on and in fact the 3G part of the network is being shut down on March 31st and the 4G LTE will be turn off on June 30th (according to T-Mobile’s current timeline)
the GSM network of 4.0 My Choice plans is the T-Mobile GSM network


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Yeah, I’m losing my mind trying to get actual customer support from Republic with this. My phone is dead as a doornail, just straight up stopped charging no matter what contortions you try. So naturally I ordered a new phone, from Amazon because I could get double the memory for $100 less, them came here to find out if I needed a new sim card sent, full of naive optimism that it would be a quick and simple thing. That was on Saturday. Since then I have been put through the most ridiculous molasses speed run around. I’ve only gotten 4 responses since Saturday night, vague messages about how to be sure, no really really sure, no we probably can’t know for 100%
sure until you actually have the new phone in your hand if it will work (it’s literally a model they sell, and it says unlocked) and didn’t get told about the whole cdma switchover mess (even though we’d established after the first response that my current sim was a cdma) and the whole you have to make a whole new account, including making a new email until yesterday (Wed) night and that was almost 24 hours after I stopped with the Midwestern overly polite thing and sent a "now listen, I am going to need a new card no matter whether the new phone I already orderec turns out to be wrong or not, I’m already nearing a full week phoneless, what does it take to get you to stop dragging your feet and send me a darn card already! Literally the only reason I haven’t gone screw it and found a new provider after all this is the 4 months still left on my annual plan! " message. Then and only then did I get a link explaining what was going on.

I sent another message after that saying absolutely no way am I doing all that, either refund me for my remaining 4 months and let me go elsewhere or refund me/tack on to the end the months I won’t get to use and will have to get another cheapo prepaid from Wal-Mart to get me through until your system isn’t completely jacked. That was 5:30 last night, it’s now 12:30 the next day and I, again, have yet to hear back. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to drag this out til Sunday when my month renews.

To say I am irritated is a spectacular understatement.

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I seriously doubt they are trying to drag things out to hit any certain date.

Unfortunately you hit the perfect combination of replacing a CDMA phone and trying to activate a new one when things are a bit of a mess.
If your previous phone was GSM you could have likely just moved the SIM to your replacement phone and been fine.
Or if you had needed a 5.0 line in say… a month’s time, you’d probably also be fine. Republic staff seem to be stretched as they attempt to iron out what they admit has been a bumpy transition to the new plans, I’m sure they are doing the best they can.

While I’m hardly a fan of the new direction, I would chalk up any delays/issues to being swamped and missing stuff vs them actively trying to sabotage you.


I feel your pain. Since my son lost his phone it wouldn’t mattered if we were on GSM - we still would have needed a new card. We are going to try mint mobile because I needed to find another carrier that had wifi calling. We live in rural maine and cell service is not good no matter what network you are on. I am going to miss Republic’s wifi to cell handover though. I’m not willing to set up 3 different accounts for the 5 family members we have on RW. I manage all the lines from the app and now I’m pretty sure you would only be able to manage one account from the app.

In fact, there is no app for the 5.0 plans at this point (and may never be). You would have to manage the account by signing in to the website (mobile site if on your phone), and then signing in and out of each separate account.

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