Need a New Phone...Suggestions?!

Hi all! I currently have a Moto E (2nd Gen.) Need to upgrade! The biggest thing that bugs me about this phone is the rear-facing (selfie) camera sucks. Like, massively sucks, to the point I can’t use the pictures. I don’t want to spend $500 on a new phone…would like to stay below $300. What do you all suggest from the options available within Republic? Moto G or Moto G Plus? Are their cameras OK?

The Moto E is designed to be the basic end of the Moto E - G - X/Z continuum.

As such, it’s features are more limited.

Any of the current phones will likely have a better camera (I’ve seen pretty fab reviews of the camera for the new G5+).

Generally speaking, I have always found the Moto G phones to be a very good balance between features and price.

Here is a chart comparing a number of phone features that may be useful: Comparison of Currently Offered Phones – Republic Help

And, one the shows the legacy phones so you can compare with your E2:


I think that the moto G5 Plus is a great phone especially for the price! The cameras are on point and take great photos. In my opinion its the best phone for the price.

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