Need a new sim card


What phone do you have? I just bought a new moto g6

What plan are you on? I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s like $25 for 1G of date and unlimited text and calling

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? it includes data

Issue Description

I just bought my moto 6 from costco and my old sim card is too big to fit in it, so I need a new sim card. I already ruined my old one trying, so I need one ASAP. Is there any physical store I can go buy one at? Can I use a sprint sim card?


What was your old phone? If it was one of the old Legacy Phones (Moto X 1,2. G1,3. E1,2) those SIM cards are tied to those phones and can not be moved.

For you new G6, you will need to purchase the BYOP SIM card from the website:

Republic does not have any physical stores.
Well, there was a pop up store in Raleigh, NC…but it closed down.


There are no physical locations. Though it costs a bit more, you can get a Republic SIM on Amazon:■■■■sr=8-1&keywords=republic+wireless

There are no physical Republic locations (pop-up in Raleigh is no longer there).

What model phone were you moving from?


I had a moto G3. So I just ordered a new RW SIM card. When I get it, what’s the process for setting it up with RW–having them recognize that I have a new phone and switching my phone number to that phone and all that?


Just put the sim card in and install and open the R>W app and log in using the same R.W account your old phone uses, select the option to Transfer your existing number to the new phone.

Note: You also will be required to change plans. The old phones used the 2.0 Refund plan (or the even older 1.0 plan). All current phones require the My Choice Plan.

You also will be changing network providers and will have different cell coverage. The old phones were locked to CDMA (Sprint). All BYOP phones must activate using the BYOP SIM wich is GSM (Tmobile). If, you later find that GSM coverage is poor in your area, you can open a ticket to request a CDMA SIM.


Hi @amindam,

The process to upgrade from one of our older phones to a new BYOP phone is outlined here:
Existing Legacy plan - How to upgrade to My Choice plan

While you’re waiting for your new SIM card, you can keep up with text messages by installing the Anywhere app to a computer or tablet. Links to download the software are just under the very happy family on this page:


The SIM card in your G3 only enables 4G/LTE data.
If the damage is limited to the SIM card, then you should be able continue using the G3 for talk and text
and access to 3G data.


Thanks. I’m at home and noticed that some things still works on my home wifi, but it sounds like you’re saying it would work even off my wifi?

Thanks for all your quick responses!


That’s right…you may get a “sim card error”…or “no sim card” type of message…but if you swipe it away…you should be able to continue using the phone on and off WiFi.




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