Need a way to setup a VM pin via the enhanced home system

I have both a RW phone and the enhanced home system. Unfortunately I ‘bricked’ my phone, a new one is on order but is backordered for a couple of weeks but I want to be able to get to my VMs. I don’t believe I setup a pin for my VMs when my mobile phone was working. So when I call my phone # on my in-home phone, I’m unable to get to my VMs. So I’d like to suggest several enhancements:

  1. Allow setting up a VM via a phone that isn’t running the RW app, like my cordless home phone system thats using the RW enhanced home system.
  2. We have recovery for all sorts of other passwords/code, allow recovery of a VM pin.


Hi @markb.ldyak2,

These are interesting suggestions. The good news is that our backorders rarely take the whole two weeks in the 1-2 week estimate, so maybe your wait won’t be that long.

I think idea 1 would have to be limited to the Extend Home phone, for the security of your voicemail.

Can you explain in a little more detail what you had in mind for idea 2?

What about some ideas for voicemail management in the Account Portal, for those who don’t have Extend Home?

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I was thinking to provide a key sequence that would initiate an email, sent to the email on record, allowing the user to get the VM pin or at least change it online.

Thanks for the ideas, and I’d love to hear others.

Voicemail management for anyone who has a lost or damaged phone would help a lot of people.

Since Anywhere is logged into and associated with one’s RW account perhaps a coded message from Anywhere to the VM number could do the trick.

  • I would think the Account Portal would offer the best opportunity to provide this to all user groups for some of the following reasons
    • Security already exist
    • SSO already exist
    • Lost Password recovery already exist
    • 2FA is already available as a user selectable option
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