Need Account Number to Transfer to Another Carrier



I am trying to move my phone number to another carrier (AT&T) as I just get a better deal through work for essentially the same service.

To do this, I need to give AT&T my Republic Account number and PIN.

How do I find my account number? I have my 4 digit PIN. I thought I read that it was my 10 digit phone number, but it is being rejected when AT&T tries to use this.

Please help, trying to get this all moved quickly.



Hi @anthonyc.63399j,

It sounds like you have found the correct documentation.

Have you checked with AT&T to find out what the exact error code is?


I am going into their office here in an hour or so and will see if I can get a specific error. I am just hoping to not lose my phone number.


As long as you do not cancel the republic line the number will be save [the line will cancel it’s self when the transfer is complete], just work with AT&T and find out the exact error code


If you reset your PIN to try again, AT&T will need to cancel the previous attempt and submit a new request. Re-submitting a failed request will result in repeated failures.


Thanks for the tips…the PIN has not been changed at all, it has been the same - I will find out the exact error code and report back if it again does not work.


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