Need Advice on a Replacement Compatible Unlocked Bargain GSM Phone

My wife & I each have 3-year old Motorola G5 Plus phones (GSM).

Plan: My Choice Talk & Text + 1 GB Cell Data

Each has a battery swelling issue. Battery life is still quite good.

We rarely text. Vision issues force my wife to use the great Anywhere Windows app.

Need a recommendation on a replacement phone that I can readily swap the GSM SIM card into.

I’ve read:

Looking for quality at a decent price.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @garyb.tiqdmy, :slight_smile:

Since you and your wife have been happy being in the Motorola family, I would suggest the moto g play.

If you like having a beefier battery, for $100 more there is the moto g power to consider. (It’s out of stock at Republic right now but you can BYOP from Motorola, or Best Buy or other stores.)

But let’s see if the Community has more suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, good suggestions!

Moto just announced the Pure. $160. Not yet available, but something to think about if you can wait for RW to (most likely) support it. Of course, I don’t speak for RW!

I took a brief look at the specs, and they’re not bad for a sub-$200 phone.

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My recommendation would be to go with a Pixel 4a or older used Pixel if you want to keep cost lower. The Pixel line has really good camera…and a good reason to go that route rather than Moto… if you don’t care about camera then Moto G phones suggested above will work well as well.

RW makes it easier to find compatible used phones from Swappa


When the battery was swelling in my out of warranty Samsung S7 I contacted them about it. They wanted to autopsy the battery and paid to have the phone and battery shipped to them. They shipped the phone back, factory restored, no charge. I would think Motorola would want to know why the batteries are swelling in two of your phones.

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I got all kinds of second thoughts about another Motorola…after reading about the Motorola battery swelling issues in other discussion boards.

I tried a Lenovo chat about their Motolrola phone battery issue and it was useless.
Thanks for all the tips posted here!

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