Need advice on which phone I should buy


I’m currently using a Moto E 2nd generation and I can’t stand it anymore. Way too slow when I have multiple apps running, constantly getting dropped calls, etc. Just so outdated.

I’m looking for a new phone in the $200 range. I’m deciding on either the Galaxy J7 or the Moto E Plus, both $199.

What are your thoughts on which one is a better deal? Which one is more modern? My Moto E 2nd generation does not have screen cast and I’d really love to cast videos from the new Sirius XM app to my TV. I can’t currently fo that with this junky phone I have.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

I personally prefer the E4+. I find that when shopping for entry level phones, shedding the weight of the Samsung skin improves overall performance. With the E4 being close to stock Android it is as optimized of an experience as you’ll get at the price point.


Are you able to mirror your screen to Fire TV using E4+? I’ve heard Motorola doesn’t allow this and they disable the screen cast option? I know it’s disabled for my E 2nd generation.

I’m really not thrilled about having to pay $15 a month now with buying a new phone. I’ve been with Republic Wireless since 2012 paying $10 a month.

I personally cant recommend any of the current Moto phones anymore.
I have just seen far to many people report issues and defects with them both here and on other forum sites i frequent. Semms Moto’s quailty control is poor these days, both with hardware and with their software updates.

I stick by Google Nexus and Pixel phones. Especily since they still get current OS and security updates the day Google releases them.

You should be able to find a good condition used Nexus 5X on for a good price.
I have bought all my phones from that site for the last several years.

Also be aware, that if u would be going from the 2.0 plan to the 4.0 plan that uses the GSM (Tmobile) as its partner carrier. The 2.0 plans use CDMA (Sprint).

Not fully true most 3.0 phones can support either Republic GSM partner or there CDMA partner (BYOD must start on GSM but many can be moved to CDMA if that coverage is need [the Samsung J7 and J3 are GSM only phones][the Nexus 5x, 6, 6p, Pixel, Pixel2 can all be moved to CDMA]


I don’t think that is accurate. We cast screens all the time on our Moto’s. Probably not available on KitKat, not sure about Marshmallow.

Now I’m more confused as ever. I’d like to stay on the $10 a month plan but also want a phone that is modern. I was under the impression that all the modern phones were $15 a month??

Please can someone give me info on the availability of enabled screen mirroring on these phones? I have Android 5.1 and it’s not enabled.

Newer phones must use the new plans {both the Samsung J7 and Moto E4 will be on the new plans [$15 calling and text + $5 per GB (no refunds)]}

Of the legacy phones the only upgrade would be a use Moto X 2nd or Moto G 3rd, {both on android 5.1}
I have used a chromecast to cast a Moto X 2nd to cast to a TV [not sure if a Moto G 3rd can do this]

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I’m so torn now. Now I’m thinking it might be a better deal to go after a Nexus or Pixel from Swappa. I love the idea of a 6 inch screen for about $150 and a modern phone.

I removed my post when I realized @drm186 said it was successful on his 5.1 X2.

I have an unactivated G3 I can test, but honestly, it’s still a budget phone and is getting long in the tooth.

I believe you can use Chromecast because it’s a Google product. However, just mirroring your screen is not possible. I want to mirror my Sirius XM app to the TV. You can now watch videos on the new Sirius app and I’d like to watch them on my TV.

Is it a Smart TV or do you have streaming device hooked to it…(just checking).

Additionally, RW is running a couple of promotions right now. See PWK

yea.yea…yea…I keep forgetting to type all that out. And its kinda confusing to some to detail that out. Just simple to say ur going to get GSM. I feel sorry for folks who need CDMA Sprint. GSM Tmobile is so much better, most of the time.

I use the Fire Stick. I put on screen mirroring on the Fire stick and then go to cast screen in my display options. It says no nearby devices found because it’s not enabled with Android 5.1. Chromecast is but no screen mirroring.

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Hi @dyno,

The discussion of coverage is not related to your question about the plan.

When you move from the Moto E2 to any of our newer phones, you’ll move to the My Choice Plan which starts at $15 a month.

However, if you select the Galaxy J7, you will be limited to only one of our carrier partner, not the same one your E2 currently uses, and sometimes coverage (whether or not the phone can call, text or access data in specific geographic locations) is different with that partner.

The E4+ can support either of our carrier partners, depending on which SIM card it is outfitted with, so if you’ve been happy with coverage in the past, the E4+ is probably the safer option as you consider upgrading.

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Just not these are also 3.0 phones and would used the new 4.0 my choice plans

I don’t have a Fire TV to test, but I can successfully cast to Roku and Chromecast with a Moto X 2nd Gen and Moto X Pure.
My Moto E2 will cast to the Chromecast, but does not see the Roku.

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I really find this 3.0 and 4.0 thing confusing and annoying, honestly.

I get it…the phones are categorized as 3.0, as when they came out, the current plan was 3.0.
But now, the current plan is 4.0, and they even state it replaced 3.0, yet they still have the 3.0 label on the supported phones. (but the sentence under the title: " The following phones work with Republic Wireless My Choice (4.0) plans.)

Would simplify things for folks if they were just re-labeled them as 4.0.

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I read somewhere that the budget Moto phones do not support OTG HDMI out. So u cna not connected your phone to tv that method.

But ChromeCast should work fine.

Though Republic refers to 4.0 in their documentation, I find it easier for all involved to just refer to My Choice and point to the plans page: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless.

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