Need android w/blu tooth mic option


want to record at a distance. Will buy a used phone that can hear a blu tooth mic

Remote record using blue tooth earbuds mic
Earbuds work/don't work w/Nexus5

Hi @marcj.vdkhwj,

Since all our phones support Bluetooth and are compatible with headsets that include microphones, I’d think just about any phone we offer would work for your purposes. Have you tried some Android phones that were not compatible with the microphone you’re trying to use? If so, could you tell us what microphone it is?


I cannot tell you what microphone it was but I gave it to my daughter and it worked for her as earbuds talking on the phone. But I have a Moto E 2nd generation and it absolutely did not communicate with the mic when I walk 10 feet away. It kept recording but it was not recording through the length and at ten feet away the phone by itself Mike is useless. And at that time I talk to somebody, maybe at Republic, who confirmed that that phone model did not work with a wireless mic so now I’m in the market for a second hand phone and I need one I know is going to work with a Bluetooth Mike.
To be clear: my daughter used the mic to talk on her phone but it would not record for me. I know my phone says it’s got Bluetooth but the mic and the video did not work together on this model phone. And I can’t go buying a phone not knowing it will work with a Bluetooth mic.
Sometimes with voice recognition you can just go on and on trying to make sure the point gets across and I’m not very hopeful right now. I need a new phone I need a phone I know works with a Bluetooth Mike and Ike if you think all your phones work with a Bluetooth mic already we are not on the same page because your moto E second gen does not.


Bluetooth performance will be more a function of the Bluetooth device than the phone. The Moto E 2nd gen supports Bluetooth version 4.0. 4.0 should be compatible with nearly all Bluetooth mics. The Moto E 2nd gen is also a Bluetooth class 2 device (as are nearly all phones), which has a maximum intended range of ~10 meters (33 ft). it’s possible that the Bluetooth mic you were using was a class 3 device with a decreased maximum intended range (or a poor performing class 2 device). I have a Bluetooth mic that I use regularly with a Moto E 2nd gen. I am able to travel ~30 ft away and maintain a conversation.

Another possibility for the problem you experienced may be that the Bluetooth mic was only connected only for phone audio, and not media audio. Instructions on tweaking the setting can be found at:


called motorola. They told me how to TURN IT ON. It’s hell living in a tech world with a land line brain.


Have found a stew of confusion. A moderator suggested trying asking here. HOW can I record from a distance w/my bluetooth earbuds mic.


What do you mean record from a distance? I see two possibilities:

  1. You want to use your headphones in the center of a room and record voices around the room. This likely won’t work as headphones are designed to be noise cancelling and only to capture voices that are spoken directly in to them and largely cancel those that are not.

  2. You want to use your headphones some distance from your phone. Bluetooth, in theory, could work up to 32 feet away from the phone. In reality, the range is often drastically lower than that because on interference from wifi devices, other bluetooth devices, reflective objects in the space, etc. I’ve not found reliability past 10 feet.

If neither of those answer your question, please provide some additional details as to what you’re asking.


A republic moderator said th nexus5x does not allow a remote mic and that I need to find an app that will help. I want to be 10 feet away…want to record my voice while swinging a golf club. Obviously a plug and cord won’t work


A bluetooth headset, with a mic, should work just fine from 10ft. Are you having an issue using your bluetooth headset?


as I said, a republic moderator does not believe th nexus 5x will allow for a BT mic and that I need to find an app. He thought someone in th community would know th answer


Whomever gave you that information may have not communicated clearly.

  1. A bluetooth headset with mic works with the Nexus 5X, 100%, without question. I have two in my household.
  2. Recording requires an app. Perhaps this was the recommendation? That an app is needed for recording? If so, there are about a million such apps on the app store:


but I only want one. I only need to know about 1. Could you tell me one? Needs to record on my videos w/bluetooth earbuds from 10 feet away.


Not having used any myself, it’s hard to make a specific recommendation. This app: seems to have good reviews across nearly 10,000 reviews.


I downloaded. Has nothing to do w/making videos that I can tell. This is why I ask for help. 2 downloads so far, neither worked, reading and trying to interpret. So many bells and whistles I can’t figure out which one does what I need. SOMEONE in th community knows of an app that will do th job. That’s why I’m here. To get help finding one.


I just found lengthy discussion and no one seems to know th solution. Report trying 40 apps unsuccessful etc.
from th discussion:

Most Androids have a problem with BT microphone routing. This issue has been discusssed on many forums and there is no simple solution. My xperia Z , for example, will only communicate with “Voice Dialer” when using any BT microphone. There appears to be no easy way to route the audio from the BT mic to the application of my choice.

You might want to try an application called “Bluetooth Launch”. This works on some Androids , but not on the xperia Z. If you find a solution which works let me know and I will be forever in your debt !

Earbuds work/don't work w/Nexus5

No where was video mentioned, so I had no idea that’s what you were trying to do.

What model phone are you trying to use the mic with?


nexus 5x…this is my exact experience, misunderstanding. Sorry from this end. Yes, I want my BT earbud mic to record onto my video recording going on 10 feet away.


I’ve used this app with my Galaxy S8, but haven’t tried it on a Nexus 5X. I use the paid version, here’s the link to the free version:


4 reviews, all bad, very bad. go see. Is this communication private? I don’t want to be debbie downer in front of others


This comunication is public, but no worries about hurt feelings here. Not sure what you’re looking at, but the app I recommended has nearly 20,000 reviews with a better than 4 star rating.