Need assistance setting up New Moto G 4th Gen


We need some assistance. I just bought my husband a new phone (Moto G 4th Gen) to replace his old phone (Moto G 1st Gen) from Republic. Both will still be on Republic plan, as we plan on giving the old phone to our daughter. The new phone (Moto G 4th Gen) is still not listed on our phone plan yet (we bought it in mid November, but my husband still has not had time to set things up with it). I wonder why we don’t see it listed on the plan yet?

We eventually want to just transfer my husband’s current phone number to this new phone and then get a new number for my daughter on the old phone. Trying to get this all done now, as he leaves for out of town tomorrow.

Hope this makes sense.




The Phone doesn’t come activated you need to activate the phone. When activated as a *replacement *for the G1 It will assume the G1’s number. The G1 will be deactivated after the switch when all stuff is off the phone you need then Factory reset the G1 and activate it and you will be provided a number in your area code usually (sometimes issues happen beyond control).

Activate My Phone

Factory Reset

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