Need CDMA for my Moto g7

Just ordered a Moto g7. My old phone is CDMA, and I want my new one to be CDMA. Will I have to order a CDMA sim card?

From Moto G7 is now available in the Repubic Wireless online store!

The Moto G7 is available for purchase only in specific coverage areas because it can currently support only our GSM SIM card.

If you purchased from the Republic Wireless store, GSM coverage should be adequate. If you find otherwise, you should be able to get a CDMA sim for the phone once they become available.


Hi Amy, Simple answer, while CDMA will eventually be available on the G7, it isn’t at this time and we don’t know when that will happen.


Then the following is incorrect info:

Or I just don’t understand it! :frowning:

I guess we’ll try it on GSM, but can I return it if needed? Or should I cancel and order something else? Thanks.

It has the capability to use CDMA and those are the raw specs) (other carrier can and do use it on CDMA) but the Republic is not normal carrier as a hybrid VOIP with Cell backup there is more going on and when the CDMA partner requires a different subversion of CDMA SIM Republic has to work to make said change (when Republic has this working with Sprint they will be able to send out a CDMA SIM with out any change to the phone specs)

Right now there is no ETA on when they will have it working though I would expect some time this summer


If you ordered from the Republic Wireless store, it’s coming to you. There is no cancelling unless the phone is back ordered. I would try it for a week, If you’re not satisfied there is a 14 day Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help.


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