Need CDMA phone for area Republic says no available service

My wife’s Moto G 3rd gen is dead and I need to replace it. Republic says there is no cell service at ZIP 79852 but the cell service here is CDMA EvDo rev. A. My Moto G4 works great here. It looks like Moto x4 (crappy camera) and Moto Z play each have CDMA access. Before I spend $500 on the Moto Z, I want to make certain it works. Otherwise, I’ll have to go a route other than Republic Wireless.

Coverage maps show poor coverage for your zip code. Is the coverage you are receiving now roaming coverage (noted by an “R” above the cellular signal strength indicator)?

Yes. Roaming.

Hi @thomasa.3vkla0,

Republic does not suggest using its service when the primary coverage is roaming. That said, if you’re satisfied with CDMA coverage in your area the Moto Z2 Play and Z3 Play supported by Republic are capable of being provisioned with the same CDMA coverage used by your wife’s Moto G3.

Republic does not offer CDMA coverage on the original Moto Z. Are you planning on purchasing the phone from Republic or elsewhere?

I prefer buying from Republic.

Incidentally, our primary usage here (very remote and rugged terrain) is WiFi. When on the local roads, we use cell but primarily for texting. CDMA allows us the occasional cell calls.

Hi @thomasa.3vkla0,

That’s fair enough. Here’s the challenge, since Republic doesn’t think either of its network partners would offer adequate coverage in your area, there’s no way to be certain whether a Z3 Play would ship provisioned for GSM or CDMA coverage (it’s not selectable).

In the event you were to end up with GSM, here’s how to reach out to Republic to get that switched: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.


Thanks! That link is very helpful.

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