Need data about once every 6 months!

I have the data only on wi fi plan but I have found myself needing data in an emergency to call an uber, is there a way to get data without wifi without changing my plan and just paying for data I use???

Hi @cherylk.nvqsj5 and welcome to the Community!

The answer depends upon your current plan. Please share what is said under “My Plan” to the right of the picture of your phone when signed into your Republic account here:

Wi Fi cell talk and text I only have data on wifi Thankyou!

Hi @cherylk.nvqsj5,

There is no way to add cell data to the plan you currently use. You’re using Republic’s grandfathered 1.0 plans. Adding cell data within that plan structure requires changing your plan. Republic’s 1.0 plans are detailed here:

Based on your described use, I think you would benefit from transitioning to another set of grandfathered plans known as 2.0 (a/k/a Republic Refund). More on those plans here:

If they sound like a fit, guidance for how to transition is here:

Please know, however, the move to Republic Refund is one-way. Once the transition is made, there’s no going back.

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