Need direction with Moto E5 Play mobile/wifi issues


I recently upgraded from my 1st Gen Moto G RW phone to a New RW Moto E5 Play. Almost without exception, the transfer and setup went smoothly. As I had the original $10 WiFi Talk and Text plan which has worked great for my needs, I gladly paid the extra $5/mo for the service as I try my best to use as many WiFi connections as possible (Big box stores, grocery stores, restaurants, friends, etc.). With the exception of poor contact areas (I live in central Maine) I have always been able to make phone calls and receive/send texts either via WiFi or mobile.

I know I have to visit the stored locations on my old phone to save those settings but I discovered that when I am on the stores WiFi I can’t make calls or text. Weird. With my old Moto G, I would have the WiFi and mobile icons displayed at the top of my screen but the mobile is grayed out (I really do not need data access via a mobile network).

I have made sure my phone’s software is up-to-date and I have looked at all the settings (Network & Internet, System, etc.). I get the sense that there’s just that something I’m missing.

I’ll continue checking through the forum to see if someone has had a similar problem with WiFi/Mobile hand-off issues but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


The connection indicators have changed from your (Moto G, 1st Gen or any of the Legacy X/G/E phones). All phones on on the My Choice plans provided extended notifications.


Is your issue limited to certain store WiFi connections…or any WiFi including your home wifi?

The new phones do not store the additional verification info like the old phones for public wifi connections.
Best way to get fully connected to public wifi is open a browser such as Chrome and that should bring you to a verification page to agree to the terms and conditions of the store, etc.


Thanks for the info regarding the indicators.
I don’t think I have been getting either a green, red or blue arc from home although I am connected to my home WiFi. With my old Moto G, I always had a solid green arc at home and when connected to a store/restaurant location. As I live in a very rural area, a cellular connection is iffy at best so not a real problem. However, once I get to the next town, I should was getting an indication of a cellular connection. Once I connected to the grocery store WiFi, I could browse but could not text or phone out. I don’t recall the color of the arc but I’m guessing it could have been gray(?).
As I haven’t had a chance to visit a big box store/restaurant since to troubleshoot I will have to see what arcs appear and go from there.


Its hard to say at the moment as I haven’t had the opportunity to try another location yet. From home I can text, call and browse on my phone. The problems come once I leave home and either need to connect to an open WiFi source (restaurants/grocery stores, etc.) or cellular to make a call/text if no WiFi is available. I thought maybe its something in the handover settings. So I did a bit of exploring. Remember: I have the Talk & Text only plan. Here’s what I found…

**Handover Setting-**All boxes checked off
Mobile Network
Data Roaming-On
Preferred network type-LTE
Data Usage
Mobile Data on (Received this alert "Please turn on cellular data. Cellular data is needed for RW to work properly).
Mobile Data usage- An amount appears on a graph and shows the apps that used the data. In the past I almost always used little or no mobile data on a monthly basis.
Do these setting look OK?

Regarding connecting to my old open WiFi stores, that will be a great help.

Hope this info is helpful…


Your settings look fine.

Next time you are in a store…try opening Chrome and let us now if that gets you to the extra verification page and gets your going.


It is really important to capture all of the ‘verbiage’ on the Notification as this will indicate the expectations should be.