Need great help changing to the $20 plan


Hi All…In dire straights here finding a solution…been a RW for well over two years now and have Moto G first gen…long story short, my green ‘current plan’ button on my RW app, ‘manage account’ page, is ‘frozen’ and completely unresponsive…chat was of no help though they tried…tried rebooting phone, etc., to no avail…calling all geeks lol…I ONLY need to change my plan, and from what I hear, I can ONLY do that via the phone…help please thx, and please ‘navigate’ me with great detail where to go HERE on RW’s busy webpage where to go to change my plan, or who to call, etc…Again, I Only want to change my plan to the 20 dollar 1 GB plan, that’s it! thx


Hi @vicm.pv64mn!

First off, there is no $20 1gb plan on the G1. That would be the $25 1gb plan. That being said, if you have a refund plan, you may be able to change your plan here: . I hope that helps!



Ok thx…went to link and the button to change my plan and button is still frozen and unresponsive…25 dollar plan is still fair, 'don’t know where you got that info for the MG first gen but good to know, wasn’t informed of it beforehand…Can anyone assist in changing my plan to the 25 dollar plan then? Much appreciated, I need Data now outside the home at various times outside of the wi-hot spots now, thx!


Have you opened a help ticket? Unfortunately, most of us here in the community are volunteers and don’t have access to people’s accounts. Paging @southpaw.


IDK, do the people in the chat box I already used count as “official” help? I’ve been trying to change my plan for the better half of today…very frustrating, is THAT where I needed to go in the FIRST place?..all I need is to change my plan lol, Are the ‘chat’ people the same people as the ‘help ticket’ people?


Hi @vicm.pv64mn

Just to clarify, you’ve been working with our Experts, who can talk you through anything a member can do from the phone, but cannot access your account to do it for you.
This is not the same thing as chat, nor as a ticket with our support team. The Expert gave you a link to open a ticket, but I don’t yet see a ticket from your account.

I also see that you are looking at the “manage account page.” We don’t change plans from that page. There is no “My plan” button on that page. Instructions to change your plan are here:

If you are not able to follow the steps in that document, I will be glad to change your plan for you.


Yes they are official, but they can’t do a whole lot. So what plan are you currently on? Do you have an unlimited plan or a refund plan? If you currently have a refund plan, the plan change takes effect on the billing date. Thus, they don’t take immediate effect. That may be the problem.


Our chat team is both competent and capable to assist our members.

The problem is that the “My Account” link in the app is not where the plan change options are found. I think @vicm.pv64mn will be able to change the plan with the document I linked, and if not, I will change the plan for him.


Yes, I agree! However, a ticket is required for more technical issues. I know this first hand because I have had them create one on my behalf when they couldn’t solve my problem.


Thx Southpaw…The TOP of the page on the RW App itself where the 2 green ‘buttons’ are…the phone number button and ‘current plan’ button (the one that’s frozen and unresponsive) says ‘‘manage account’’ across the top of it, so that’s what I meant, though it’s not REALLY the manage account page ITSELF then…got it, I was a bit confused on where I was on the RW App, and was just describing in detail where I WAS on the RW App to the chat help, describing what I SAW on the page itself…Nevertheless, I know I was on the right page TO change the plan…thx for the clarification, much appreciated…I’m on the cheapest plan now for the Moto G First Gen, and simply want to change my plan to the 25 dollar plan…that’s it…so for that, can the ‘help ticket’ experts help me out with that one, once and for all? Thx.


I will change your plan. You do not need to open a ticket or talk to Experts or chat with support.

I understand what page you are on now. We can work on getting that working for you, but I think from what you’ve written you’re just more interested in getting the plan changed for now.

I’ll DM you just to confirm some details (so I don’t change something incorrectly) and take care of that for you.


Ok, so I take it you already have info on my phone # and all that…great! Whew, Man, finally, Lol!..IDK why that button was ‘frozen’ on my phone AND on the link ‘mbx’ gave me in his/her first response in this thread…very strange.


My private message to you is here: Community Forums

I’ll need you to reply there before I take action.


Hi @vicm.pv64mn
My only thought on the frozen button is to delete the RW app and reinstall it. I don’t know if anyone inquired if you have done that. I don’t want to overstep @southpaw as I am a customer like you, that volunteers help and information in this community…
Southpaw is the answer to the immediate issue of the plan change, follow her help & I wish you a great evening. I was offering a possible fix to the frozen button on the RW app.


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