Need help activating my phone PLEASE!

I opened this conversation on 2/15 aprx 7 pm. Explained I had not been able (despite help from [redacted] at R. Help for almost a whole day) to activate my new phone. I’ve been trying to do this for 3 days now. [Redacted] gave me a link to get to where I’d be given a ‘ticket’ which I opened up.and was given the ID 1067351 and next am –2/16— [redacted] responded and asked me to supply answers to

  • The full name as listed on the account.
  • The 10 digit Republic Wireless phone number of any line on the account
  • The MEID HEX number of a device on the account
  • Your billing zip code currently listed on the account
    o The last 4 digits of billing credit card currently listed on the account

Which I did around 12 noon on 2.16. As of now, 2/21 am I still have not rec’d a response from her or anyone else @ RW Help!

It’s now almost eight days since I bought my phone and still NO ACTIVATION

I am trying to keep the same number for my last phn and the new one. Also I have reached the point of considering returning this phn to R.W. and asking for a credit on my cc account!!

Since you have merged this ticket #1068388 with the earlier #1067351 please read all my previous comments in those 2 tickets if you can.Thank you very much!

Moderator’s note: Content edited for clarity and to remove a lot of personal information.

Hi @georgee.fif8nm,

Because you have not yet activated the phone, they replied in your ticket Thursday afternoon clarifying that they also need your order number in order to verify your account due to the privacy laws we must operate under.

Please do not provide that information here. Instead you need to provide it in the open ticket:

Please note: We do not open Microsoft Word attachments sent through our ticketing system.

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