Need help and guidance with my 2nd phone service

Hello good people of this community, I need help with several things.
To give a little background of what I need help with and the reasons for it.
My wife and I have the republic service since 2018, but unfortunately, suddenly, and unexpectedly my wife passed away in March of 2019. Since then, I have kept and maintain her phone and her service. Now 20 months later, we just lost my mother-in-law, leaving my 84 years old father-in-law with half of the household income (Social Security). My father-in-law currently has his phone service with AT&T which he can not afford anymore.
I like to give my father-in-law my wife’s phone (Moto E5 Play) that has not been used for past 20 months, and I will continue the service with Republic under my account and pay for it.

Here is what I like to do and where I need help and guidance with.

  1. I like to back up and download everything on wife’s phone to my desktop computer, including photos, messages, contacts, etc. How do I do that?
  2. I like to reset my wife’s phone to manufacturer’s default, wiping everything from it. How do I do that?
  3. I like to transfer my father in law’s current phone number to my wife’s phone, is that possible to do and how.

I really appreciate any help that will allow me to help my father-in-law in his time of need.
Thanks in advance

Hi @benp47630,

Please accept our condolences on the losses of your wife and mother-in law.

Google offers some guidance for moving things from an Android phone to a computer as well as alternatives linked here:

Republic’s guidance for factory resetting a phone is linked here:

There’s also some guidance on backing things up prior to the factory reset there. Please be certain you’ve retrieved everything you wish to save from your wife’s phone before factory resetting it.

Most but not all numbers transfer to Republic. You may verify you father-in-law’s number would here:

Presuming his number would transfer, guidance on how to do so is linked here:

Please let us know if you have additional questions?


Thank you very much appreciate your sympathy.
I will try these and let you know if I have any more questions.
I really appreciate your quick response and help.

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