Need help before tomorrow AM - x in signal strength while driving on long trip

I have a Moto G7 Power. I’m on the My Choice + 1GB plan.

Yesterday I was streaming data in northern Wyoming, and it suddenly stopped. I had just added another 1 GB, so I didn’t think that was the issue. I just assumed there was no cell coverage where I was. By the time I entered Montana, I realized there was the dreaded x near the signal strength icon. I stopped the car and verified I still had data left. As I passed by Billings, I expected coverage to return. Nope. Got to Bozeman, entered town, and still no signal. At some point I’d tried to make a call, and hadn’t been able to, so phone wasn’t working either (at least for a while). Had to stop in a store and use a stranger’s phone to get directions to my destination. Friend at destination suggested I restart the phone. Still no coverage. I got on their WiFi and made my calls. This morning when I got to my car, I had a signal again. I had it the entire way across Montana, and looking at the T Mobile map now, there should have been coverage the entire way I drove.

What caused me to suddenly lose access to my data? How do I solve this problem while I’m on the road? The weather has been horrible and I really needed that cell coverage yesterday!! Right now I’m holed up in Missoula waiting for the weather to get better. (Although I now know about dialing 511 and getting a detailed forecast, thank goodness).

I had two different blue tooth connections in the car yesterday. One to the car’s bluetooth system for making calls, and another to a little bluetooth transmitter that plugs into my AUX input so my podcasts would go over the car’s speakers (because my car’s system won’t play audio from my phone). But I’m not sure that was the issue, because things were working fine, until I suddenly lost data.

Thanks if anyone sees this before tomorrow morning when I have to get on the road again!

Here is a discussion with a Solution provided by @louisdi … provides step by step instructions for remediation.


Thanks! Appreciate the quick response. I’ll try that tomorrow if I run into the same problem!! I just restarted it now to be on the safe side, even though it’s been working all day.

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  • To be a bit proactive, I would suggest that if you are currently in a good signal area that you do steps 1 & 3 that were called out.
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I already did #1.

When I attempted to do #3 (four times), I get the message “dialed number not allowed”.

I was able to Reset Connections, however:

  1. Connect to WiFi.
  2. Open the Republic Wireless app.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top right.
  4. Tap Advanced Settings.
  5. Scroll down and tap Reset Republic Connections.
  6. Tap Reset Connections.
  7. Tap Done.
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Oh, #3 didn’t work because the * at the end was missing. I’ve now done that step too.

Thanks for making me be proactive :slight_smile:


Yes, I just discovered the typo (caused by the forum editor), I just corrected it.
*#*#8647#*#* is the corrected one as you figured out


Update: I didn’t lose my data connection again (except for very brief periods of time, and it returned each time), and I drove another 2,000 miles.

Thank you @jben for your help!

Also, just want to let everyone know that dialing 511 is an excellent way to get weather info while driving. I was in Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Utah, and was able to get current conditions for mountain passes and stretches of highways while driving through horrendous weather. All these states had voice activated 511 systems, which is what you need when you’re gripping the steering wheel for dear life!

Thanks for the feedback and for passing on the 511 info, its how we all keep learning!

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