Need help deciding which phone


Hi @elizabetho.xdo8ht,

Not to add to your confusion, but have you seen our staff reviews?


thank you, that does help!! I like this idea… it looks like both phones have this option if I’m interpreting things correctly…

I haven’t seen those staff reviews, thanks for the link I will go look…


All of the 3.0 compatible Motos have the option to add a SD card.



My first phone was a Moto X (2nd) and had not one issue with it. Finally, I decided it was time to get a more ‘up to date’ phone so in June 2017 I purchased a Moto G5 Plus plus from Amazon at a good price. I have had nothing but problems with it. RW has several tickets on it and their solution was the same each time. The problem is the phone connects and disconnects from WiFi randomly. Most calls come in as cellular and many times my outgoing calls go out in the cellular mode and during the call it switches to RW then back to cellular. It is random. Sometimes it doesn’t ring, but I get a notification that I have voicemail. RW did it’s best so I contacted Motorola (Lenovo). I read their forums and many many people have/had the same issues with the g5 plus. Motorola was responsive to my complaint and recommended the same fixes as RW. Nothing seemed to work so just today I received a replacement Moto g5 Plus from Motorola. I got it up and running and it already is having the same problem. So, my point is, go to the Motorola web site and read about it there and make up your own mind if you want to take a chance on it. I might add, my neighbor belongs to RW and also has a g5 plus and has not had any issues.

Random Wi-Fi disconnects, Moto G5+

Hi @thomasd.7f1vxb

Very sorry to hear of this frustration. You have come to the right place. I can see from your profile you have not spent much time here (in the community), and that’s ok.

As with any device, it is rare the popular one’s fail in a majority, although it does happen. The G5+ has mostly great reviews, so there is that.

We have a lot of great people here to help, but if you not sure, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket.


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Hi Liz,

While I don’t have tons of apps on my Moto X Gen 1, I did notice it slowing down and losing storage space a couple of years ago, despite deleting photos and such myself. Turns out it was in dire need of cleaning the cache and everything else. Who knew? Used Clean Master for a while, then recently started using All-In-One Toolbox. Probably similar, in use but the point is that made all the difference. Based on all the help I found at the time here on the forums, I learned early on how to cut down on battery usage quite bit, too.

I also leave at least 1GB free space. Seems to streamline things.

I just ordered the X4 and am getting psyched about it.:smile:


I realize it has taken some time to get back with you, but have been in contact with Motorola. The bottom line is I have submitted 3-4 help tickets to RW over several months regarding the issue of randomly switching from WiFi to cellular and visa-versa; even while standing/sitting in the same spot from the beginning of the call to the end. As I probably have already mentioned, I have been on a call away from my home WiFi, then when getting home, the call is dropped. Sometimes when coming home the phone will not switch from cellular to WiFi period. I have been in communication with Motorola and they have been very pleasant to deal with. Of course they suggested the same ‘fixes’ as RW and the results have not worked. Motorola has replaced my phone two times now which means I am my 3rd. g5 plus and am still having issues. Frustrated isn’t the word I can no longer use.


Does the G5+ indicate receiving a good cell signal when having these problems?

Did RW Support ever send send you a CDMA SIM card and have you tried using it? Moving from BYOP GSM to the CDMA Sprint network typically would help coverage issues if they were contributing to the problem.

If CDMA SIM hasn’t been tried yet suggest you open a new Support ticket.



the Moto G5+ has always had a CDMA option it’s the Moto G5S+ that has recently add CDMA option for Republic


Thanks for the heads up. CDMA vs GSM may still be relevant. Previous forum responses to @thomasd.7f1vxb have focused on WiFi. Support responses?



I never really checked the cellular signal when I am on cellular so I cannot answer your question. I do know when it is, I have no reception problems and I never have dropped calls. As far as the Sim card, I ordered a new Sim card from RW last week and awaiting it’s arrival. I have no idea what is being sent as I don’t know the difference. I should get it today. I just decided to try it on my own and see what happens. Out of all my help tickets I submitted no one has told me it could be the Sim card; not even Motorola. As far as opening another help ticket, I find that useless since between RW and Motorola no one seems to know what is going on.

Thank you for your response and expertise.


If you ordered a SIM from the Republic Web Store or from Amazon it will be a GSM base SIM (T-Mobile is Republic’s GSM partner)

If Republic support is sending you this SIM then it could be either CDMA (Sprint like the Moto X2) or GSM (it depends on what your current SIM is and if it’s being replaced for coverage concerns or due to a SIM going bad)


A CDMA SIM activates the phone on the RW’s/Sprint network. GSM SIM activates phone on RW’s/TMo GSM network. One or the other network may provide better cell coverage in you area of use.

You can identify cards by looking at the republic above the SIM number.
public green = GSM
public grey = CDMA



I have no idea how the cellular carrier is relevant to the discussion of the phone switching back and forth between wifi and cellular. Are you contending that one carrier or the other is more likely to make the phone drop wifi?



No contentions. Observed a member’s issue remains unresolved. The phone has been replaced twice by Moto and apparently RW support hasn’t been able to help.

RW nor we are all knowing of what may rarely cause an issue. Just because it’s never been seen before doesn’t mean it’s not a possible cause. May be a very long shot but may be worth the small cost and effort to try.

Please take a shot at the issue.



If I had an idea, I’d take a shot. I prefer not to get involved if I have no ideas.


I bought the G5S Plus from Best Buy a few months ago and am not happy. I too, experience the wifi dropping. My phone is home most of the time and by the end of the month my data is gone.
Searching online told me that this is a common problem with the G5S Plus. I tried all the fixes I read about and it hasn’t helped and have not read about anyone finding a solution.
Another issue I had was that the phone would randomly freeze, then start opening apps in quick succession, initiate texts (sometimes with my photos) and do all kinds of whackadoo stuff.
I opted to go for the Motorola Advanced Exchange program. My replacement phone drops the wifi too.
(In the meantime my my router and modem have both been replaced.)
Motorola offered another replacement but I’ve declined, as the replacement will most likely do the same thing. I did ask if they will come out with an update to fix it and of course they said they would if there’s an issue but I wouldn’t bank on it.
I don’t care for the Motorola program either, they were not truthful in how they roll.
This phone can not work with Square either. I do need to try RW just to see if there’s anything else to try but I already know there is no answer. I can’t afford another phone and could not in good conscience sell this jalopy.


Hi @peony,

I can’t imagine why the phone would not work with Square, but for the Wi-Fi dropping issue, have you looked at the solution posted in the top of this thread:


Square Magstripe and Chip Card Reader

Are you having a reader problem or with data transmission of date once the CC info is obtained? If a reader issue have you checked to ensue the port works with something else? The newer chop card reader sends the chip info to phone via Bluetooth…