Need help deciding which phone

I have been with RW for about 4 years now, I"ve got a Moto X Gen 1 phone - it was my first smartphone ever, and I really like just about everything about it. Problem is it is super slow now, doesn’t have enough memory to hold all the apps I wish it would hold, and the battery only lasts half a day or less. I think it is time for an upgrade, but I am overwhelmed at all the options.

After carefully reading lots of reviews, I was thinking of just getting the new Moto X4. but I am reading a lot of reviews here where people complain of issues with the rear camera getting cracked, and also complaints about the camera being very slow. So perhaps the G5S plus is a better choice? but I am worried that after having a Moto X 1st gen it will be a “step backwards”. Any thoughts on this? I’ve looked over the comparison charts, and read lots of reviews but I"m still just torn on what to do. I am a creature of habit, and don’t want to give up the features I am used to having with a motorola phone by switching to something like a samsung. I am not entirely sure what all the differences are, but I read a few reviews of the samsung phones and i think the motorola’s are a better fit for me.

My top needs for the phone are plenty of memory, good battery life, and a decent camera. The phone needs to be durable and able to withstand normal “life” - I have a good case on my Moto X now and have dropped it many times with no breakage ever…

Would love to hear someone chime in with comparing the Moto X4 vs. the G5SPlus, thank you!!


Hi @elizabetho.xdo8ht,

Have you compared the features in the chart some of our members have put together?

I haven’t personally tried the G5S+, but I bought my daughter and my pop the G5+, and they like it very much. As a Moto X fan (1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen!) there are a couple of Moto X features I really miss when I am testing other phones. Mainly I miss being able to wave at the phone to see my notifications, and being able to use “OK Google” at any time. If you use tap to pay, you’ll want to be aware that the Moto G series does not support that.

The specific features you mentioned - battery, memory, and camera, are all better on the G5+ than the Moto X you are used to.

I hope someone who has the G5S+ will chime in!


There are 3rd party apps that can add this to the G5+… I’ve used this one:

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Hmmm… an app can’t add hardware, so is it using the proximity sensor? Any significant hit to the battery?

It is using the proximity sensor and while I wasn’t using the phone myself, my son who was using it didn’t complain about the battery life and he complains about everything with his phone (including the battery where he complained about the battery drain that Covenant Eyes caused, causing me to rule it out as a parental control option).

The developer is very responsive and even recently updated his app to be Oreo compatible.


Thanks @louisdi,

Installed on several Motos. and works like a charm.


Thanks, everyone… this helps a little. Leaning a bit more towards the G5S+ but still agonizing :slight_smile:

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Most of the newer phones perform just as well or better than the original Moto X. I had one that that died prematurely in 2016 and have used a variety of Moto phones since. Not a step backwards at all in my opinion.

I’m not a fan or the latest Moto phones with the huge round picture window camera component. To me it’s too large of a target waiting to be damaged. X4 protrudes farther but all are similar sized pieces of glass.

Rather than agonizing you may want to consider something less expensive that will you should find more than adequate at least for the time being. I’ve been very impressed my G4 and the 32GB version is still available from B&H for about $130.

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If you want lots of memory for apps/etc, here’s a possible option. I was reading the Lenovo/Motorola website last night to see how to use the SD card in my Moto E4 for automatic photo storage from the camera. (The phone has only 16 MB internal memory, and it’s half-used just by normal operation and with not very many apps). The Moto site said something I didn’t expect – but an amazing (to me) use of an SD card. The SD card, which can hold a huge amount of data, can be used for two things:

  1. It can be like a normal SD card that you can copy files to, then remove from the phone (if you want, though it isn’t easy) and insert the card into a computer to transfer files to or from the card. In this case, the contents of the SD card aren’t encrypted and the speed (transfer rate) of the SD card doesn’t matter much.
  2. (The interesting part!) You can use the SD card as an extension of the phone’s internal memory. In other words, if you have 16 MB of internal memory and insert (say) a 500 MB CD card, your phone, you have 516 MB of phone memory! The card’s contents are encrypted, so you can’t read the card on any other device. They recommend a very fast SD card so it doesn’t slow down your phone’s operation.

The Moto E4 also has a removable battery (so if your battery is dying, you just get a new battery and pop it in – instead of buying a new phone). At $130, I think it’s an absolute steal. FYI in case you haven’t made your decision yet…

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Hi @elizabetho.xdo8ht,

Not to add to your confusion, but have you seen our staff reviews?

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thank you, that does help!! I like this idea… it looks like both phones have this option if I’m interpreting things correctly…

I haven’t seen those staff reviews, thanks for the link I will go look…

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All of the 3.0 compatible Motos have the option to add a SD card.


My first phone was a Moto X (2nd) and had not one issue with it. Finally, I decided it was time to get a more ‘up to date’ phone so in June 2017 I purchased a Moto G5 Plus plus from Amazon at a good price. I have had nothing but problems with it. RW has several tickets on it and their solution was the same each time. The problem is the phone connects and disconnects from WiFi randomly. Most calls come in as cellular and many times my outgoing calls go out in the cellular mode and during the call it switches to RW then back to cellular. It is random. Sometimes it doesn’t ring, but I get a notification that I have voicemail. RW did it’s best so I contacted Motorola (Lenovo). I read their forums and many many people have/had the same issues with the g5 plus. Motorola was responsive to my complaint and recommended the same fixes as RW. Nothing seemed to work so just today I received a replacement Moto g5 Plus from Motorola. I got it up and running and it already is having the same problem. So, my point is, go to the Motorola web site and read about it there and make up your own mind if you want to take a chance on it. I might add, my neighbor belongs to RW and also has a g5 plus and has not had any issues.

Hi @thomasd.7f1vxb

Very sorry to hear of this frustration. You have come to the right place. I can see from your profile you have not spent much time here (in the community), and that’s ok.

As with any device, it is rare the popular one’s fail in a majority, although it does happen. The G5+ has mostly great reviews, so there is that.

We have a lot of great people here to help, but if you not sure, I would suggest opening a Support Ticket.

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Hi Liz,

While I don’t have tons of apps on my Moto X Gen 1, I did notice it slowing down and losing storage space a couple of years ago, despite deleting photos and such myself. Turns out it was in dire need of cleaning the cache and everything else. Who knew? Used Clean Master for a while, then recently started using All-In-One Toolbox. Probably similar, in use but the point is that made all the difference. Based on all the help I found at the time here on the forums, I learned early on how to cut down on battery usage quite bit, too.

I also leave at least 1GB free space. Seems to streamline things.

I just ordered the X4 and am getting psyched about it.:smile:

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I realize it has taken some time to get back with you, but have been in contact with Motorola. The bottom line is I have submitted 3-4 help tickets to RW over several months regarding the issue of randomly switching from WiFi to cellular and visa-versa; even while standing/sitting in the same spot from the beginning of the call to the end. As I probably have already mentioned, I have been on a call away from my home WiFi, then when getting home, the call is dropped. Sometimes when coming home the phone will not switch from cellular to WiFi period. I have been in communication with Motorola and they have been very pleasant to deal with. Of course they suggested the same ‘fixes’ as RW and the results have not worked. Motorola has replaced my phone two times now which means I am my 3rd. g5 plus and am still having issues. Frustrated isn’t the word I can no longer use.

Does the G5+ indicate receiving a good cell signal when having these problems?

Did RW Support ever send send you a CDMA SIM card and have you tried using it? Moving from BYOP GSM to the CDMA Sprint network typically would help coverage issues if they were contributing to the problem.

If CDMA SIM hasn’t been tried yet suggest you open a new Support ticket.


the Moto G5+ has always had a CDMA option it’s the Moto G5S+ that has recently add CDMA option for Republic

Thanks for the heads up. CDMA vs GSM may still be relevant. Previous forum responses to @thomasd.7f1vxb have focused on WiFi. Support responses?


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