Need help entering contacts that can be edited


I have a Motorola G (the first one) that I am having an issue with.
Can anyone help me on entering contacts into my phone? I can enter a number and save it, but if I go in and look at it says “phone only unsynced contact” on it. I mainly want to be able to change the ring tone for my contacts to something besides the default ringtone that is also what plays for unknown callers. I think I have to sync the contacts to something to be able to do this? I have a couple contacts that show as synced to an old email account that I had at my last job. Do I have to give these to google some how?
Is there some other way to change the ringtones for people in my contacts from the default ring tone? The biggest thing I want is to be able to tell people I know from other incoming calls.



Is there a Google Account (a Gmail account) )on the Phone?
If so make sure you are syncing the contacts (go to setting :settingsicon: in the app Drawer :appsicon:
scroll down to account and tap google accounts and then tap the Gmail address being used and make sure the contact is switch on.
I found the best way to edit contacts is to do it via a computer web browser
go to and log into your google account


I’ve gone to settings and I can go to the Gmail account and it says synced. I’m not seeing a setting for turning on a contact. It also looks like there is a google settings icon, is the setting i’m looking for in that one?


Have you tried editing it on a computer (Link–>

also which app are you editing the contact on the phone (though the dialer(phone app) or though the contact app in the app drawer :appsicon:?


No I haven’t tried the link, i’m also at work and that may be blocked. I’m only going to enter a few every now and then, I’ve entered numbers into the phone before and they’ve been “synced” to an account. There should be a way to do that somehow through the phone still, i would think.

I’ve been trying through the dialer. I just tried through the contact in the app drawer. It will let me add an unsycned one.


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