Need help from someone who has recently ported to Google Voice

I just ported my Time Warner phone number to RW, thinking I could then port it to Google Voice. However, in doing some reading, it says the number on your RW phone is actually VOIP and not the underlying Sprint Cell number. So, how can I get you guys to flip my numbers, so that my RW VOIP number becomes the cell number so I can send it over to Google Voice? And then what is the procedure?

Hopefully, someone who has done this recently can respond with the proper instructions. Thanks!

Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by…

Hi @robinc.52s360!

Would you be willing to remove your phone number from your post? This is a public forum so we don’t want personal information being out here for someone to take. Thanks!


Good Morning @robinc.52s360,

Community is largely populated by fellow members, like me, doing their best to help other members, like you. Staff (you guys) does drop in here from time to time, however, direct support is, for the most part, done through Republic’s ticketing system. More here: Getting Help from Republic.

I also see no one has provided a direct answer to your question. We do not own our phone’s secondary number, so there is no way to flip your public facing Republic number to be your phone’s secondary number used for cellular routing purposes nor would you be able to transfer the secondary number to Google Voice (or anywhere else) if it were possible.

@drm186 has pointed you to the most commonly documented workaround for getting a Republic number to Google Voice. Please know transferring your Republic number to Google Voice also cancels your Republic service. If that is not your intent, please let us know which Republic phone you have and whether you care about keeping the plan on that phone.

Done. Thanks.

how I’m reading this is they ported their old number (from Time Warner a VOIP number) to Republic thinking it would be changed to a mobile number but as we all know Republic numbers are VOIP also,

they hoping that swapping his underlying number with their and number it would become a mobile number and they could port it to google voice (which doesn’t work as we don’t own and can’t port the underlying number)

@robinc.52s360 best hope is to follow the instructions in the Wiki Tip you put together (that I post in the first post)

It’s entirely possible she (Robin can be a he but it’s rare) is simply wanting to use Republic as a pit stop for moving the former Time Warner number to GV. Frankly, Republic would be an odd choice for that and not just because Republic’s numbers are classified as wirelines. One would need to happen to have a legacy Republic phone laying around or, if using a new 3.0 phone, go through the hassle of acquiring a Republic SIM online as opposed to running to the closest big box store to purchase another provider’s SIM locally. I see no harm in ascertaining intent.

OT all the Robins I know are male (I have way to many geek friends as they are all named after batman sidekick)

but your right that Robin is more likely a female) (I updated to remove gender pronouns)

We had an old RW Moto G sitting in a drawer that was no longer in use. So we reactivated it thinking it was a “mobile phone” and that we could port the number to RW and then out to Google Voice. It was my bad for not doing enough research first.

the reason Republic numbers are Wire-line is Republic is a hybrid VOIP/Cell provider and VOIP are considered wire-lines (landlines) by the FCC

Hi @robinc.52s360,

It’s a perfectly reasonable presumption on your part. In that case, the link @drm186 provided in his original response to you should help. For convenience, I’ll link it again: Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines | Republic Wireless Wiki.

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