Need help Porting phone # to ATT

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Serious issue with Porting number to ATT

Vern Wagner

Today at 21:06

We are trying to Port [redacted] to ATT, ATT is saying my Pin is inaccurate. I tried to get assistance two days ago from you (Republic ) and all got was someone who cut and pasted a help text and sent it to me. Seriously we have been great customers and I think we deserve a little help, not a cut and paste job. I’ve tried to update my Pin but have no idea if I was successful. We are leaving Republic after all these years because our circumstances have changed. I need someone to look into this and have a email conversation with me. [redacted]

Hi @vernw,

Your tickets have been merged into the original ticket, which is number 1754936. I’m sorry to see that you did not feel the response you received was sufficient, and I’ve replied in the ticket to see if there’s something more we can do to help you.

Thanks, good to hear from you again. OK. I have her phone■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I opened Republic and went into settings and then opened Manage Account, it had me log in. Then it opens a screen that has her name at the top and a picture of her phone. I try to assign the phone to her, and it says an email will be sent to her email but nothing is coming to her Inbox

Hi @vernw,

Please remember that even when replying by email, your topic in our member Community is publicly visible, so do not include personal information.

You’ll need to do one of these two things.

Either UNassign her as a user (use the remove button) How to Un-Assign (Remove) a User – Republic Help
OR sign in AS HER and add a PIN.

Trying to sign the phone to her isn’t going to be a move in the right direction, because it’s already assigned.

I have to sign off for the night, but will check on you tomorrow


Hi @vernw,

It looks like you’re making progress, and I’ve replied on your ticket to make sure your next steps are clear.

Thanks, it looks like the Pin I was trying was for the Republic phone I no longer use. So it’s no wonder it was goofy. When you pointed out that carol needed to set a Pin, that made it easier.


Here is what aTt is saying “
My att rep is saying you need to unlock the number from the republic website

I’m afraid that’s not how the porting process works. When your new carrier sends their port request, they include the date/time that they would like Republic to release the number. Please ask for a porting specialist at your new carrier (the front line reps don’t understand porting) and ask them to give you the date/time associated with the FOC (Firm Order Commitment). This is the exact date and time they requested that Republic release your number, and that Republic will do so. More information about how the process works is here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer AT&T tends to take 3-5 days to complete transfers from Republic.

Hi @vernw,

I’m not sure if you saw my reply to your help ticket, but since you had a previous attempt to port, after updating the PIN on the account, you’d need to have AT&T completely delete the previous request, and submit a new request with the updated information. Simply resubmitting the failed request will not work.

There’s nothing for us to lock or unlock, though. @louisdi seems to have covered that aspect pretty thoroughly.

lol, I have two phone systems each seemingly trying to resolve this, aren’t I lucky lol. OK ATT says they have canceled the Porting request by can’t resubmit until tomorrow???

Hi I’ve been asked to provide the lasted rejection from Republic and told I should provide the date and time of the HOC from ATT. This is 9/18 at 09:00

Hi @vernw,

Is that FOC rather than HOC? If so, the attached data and time of 9/18 at 09:00 is the date and time agreed to by all involved parties to complete transfer of your number from Republic to AT&T.

If you’re interested in knowing what I mean by all involved parties, details are linked here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer

You also mention the latest rejection from Republic. Is AT&T still telling you Republic is rejecting the transfer in spite of the FOC you reference?

Yes FOC but they said republic rejected it. Carols Pin is [redacted] but they said it didn’t work.

Any chance you can call me at [redacted]

Hi @vernw,

Even though you are replying to E-mails, the conversation you are having with Roland is taking place in our Member Community, and Roland is a very knowledgeable member, but is not Republic Wireless staff.

For staff assistance, please continue the conversation in your Help Ticket. I see you have also replied there, and I’ll make sure to let someone know you’ve requested a call.


Could there be an issue with social security last four? They have been using my last four not her’s

Thanks can you see my last question about social security last four?

Yes, we can see your question, but I would encourage you to wait for help from our staff, on this matter.

For general knowledge, though, Republic Wireless does not collect or store Social Security numbers. We do not permit or block number transfers based on anything having to do with Social Security numbers.

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