Need help restarting sevice


I canceled my granddaughter’s phone activation. Now we want to reactivate it. Need best how to directions.I have read some on here but not sure that they fit this situation.


how long ago did you cancel the activation (and which phone) ?


The phone is a samsung galaxy j3 . Canceled service about 6 to 8 months ago.


As the SIM has been deactivated for longer that 20 days you will need a new BYOD SIM Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

once you get that SIM you can install it and go though the activation though the Republic app on the Phone


Thanks for your help. I was surprised to hear that I needed new sim card. Would it be better to just buy a new phone for her?


I would not think a new phone is needed (the cheapest phone is currently $99 where the SIM is only $5 + shipping (as low as $4 for a total of $9)

SIM cards once activated and deactivated expire after 20 days.


Well yes the new sim would be a better deal. Thanks

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