Need help stopping my X4 from muting calls

I have a newer X4 and am using it the same way I have used my previous phones. If I hold the phone to my ear or use my shoulder, the mute button gets activated. I have also had many windows opened and the wifi turned off twice while on a call. How do I either remove the mute option or reduce the sensitivity of the phone during a call? I am not running around or doing anything other than sitting still and talking. This is also an Android One Moto X4 that I moved over if that matters. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @azlumberking,

Could you please give this a try to determine whether the proximity sensor is functioning?

When you are in a call and hold the phone to your ear, the screen should automatically go black so buttons cannot be pressed. The behavior you’re describing sounds like the proximity sensor may not be not functioning.

It passed the test. I think it doesn’t stay closed during the call. I think it is super sensitive. I just tried a call and when my ear moved towards the back of the phone, the screen came back on and it muted the call. Unless anyone knows a way to remove the options on the call screen, I guess I’ll have to be much more aware of my movements while on the phone. Thanks for the suggestion.

There is no way to modify the stock Phone Dialer screen, as far as I know…without going to extremes to mod the device (root, custom recovery to flash mods etc which is not recommended).

It really depends on how u hold the phone and how the sensor sits against your ear.
Too far away or at an odd angle and the screen will come back on.
This happens sometimes with my mother and her Moto G 1g.
I have also seen some folks with long hair have issues with such sensors.
Earings or piercings may also confuse the phone.

Other suggestion, you could use a bluetooth headset. Then you wouldn’t even have the phone near you head at all.

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