Need help to activate new phone

I got my new phone today and I am trying to transfer my number from the broken phone to the new phone. The old phone is a MotoX 2nd generation and the phone number is 540-XXX-XXXX. The new phone is Galaxy J3. Can you help me?#

1st … please remove (edit) your phone number out … this is a public forum

Follow the Activate My Phone instructions … go through the initial set up and after you have reached the point where you install the RW App and Activate it you will see the following section:

Republic and Cellular Activation

Now depending on where you purchased a specific model of the phone you will then select the appropriate link to continue the journey “Upgrade/replace my existing service line or add a new service line to my account” … you will be upgrading to the new phone (which will transfer over you existing number and deactivate you old phone)

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