Need help to decide: Samsung S8 vs. Moto X4

I’ve had a Moto X (2nd Gen) on the old refund plan for a long time. We are finally going to change to the new plans so we can upgrade phones. I’ve settled between the Moto X4 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Is the S8 really worth $600 compared to the X4 for $350?

The one thing I am kind of interested in for the S8 is it’s easy compatibility with Gear VR and Google Daydream. But I am not a hardcore gamer. I really love Google Cardboard photos for family memories and may play a view games or VR videos. I have found the X2 to be a bit difficult to use, and it would be nice to use a plug-and-play system that’s made for this purpose. The X2 also has a bad screen door effect in VR photos, but I heard the S8 has an AMOLED screen which is known for the same screen door effect. And that price tag - is the S8 really that much better?

I’m also concerned that the S8 may be missing some Moto features (like wave to wake up for notifications) that I really like. But people seem to really like the galaxy’s for a reason.

I need to decide in the next day or two - hit me with your experiences and wisdom! :smiley:

Personally I don’t think any phone is worth $600 [and refuse to pay more that ~$350 for a phone]
Today Motorola is selling the Moto X4 for $300, but they are also selling the Moto Z2 Play for $350
I fell the Z2 at that price is a good deal it has more space with more ram

You would also need a BYOD SIM card

I have a Moto X4 and it’s enough for me. I love the special Moto features in the X4 & I know how to use the phone vs learning a new phone with its nuances. The S8 is Android but also Google so Samsung has a program that mesh’s them together. I dont know to much about it but I tried playing with my brothers S8 and it was like walking on the moon to me.

@drm186’s suggestion is a good idea. the Moto Z line is a flagship line of phones. Just saying that the X4 is now a middle class phone. I think the X4 is flagship IMO but still in hardware it is Middle class.

The Z isn’t a bad recommendation, but I want to stick with a phone I can order as CDMA without having to switch out SIM cards after activating as a GSM. I’ll need to stick between the X4 and S8. Thanks for the info!

What’s your zip code? There isn’t necessarily a guarantee Republic will ship you a CDMA provisioned X4 or S8. It depends upon Republic’s opinion of available coverage at your location.

Actually, Roland, you told me in a support ticket recently how to get that done and it seemed to work when I ordered my wife’s phone! I’d love to consider other phone options, but the X4 and S8 seemed to be the best phones that could be ordered with high odds of getting a CDMA on the first try.

I went from the X2 to the S7 for a couple of reasons: 1. My Prius has a charging tray and Motorola doesn’t make a phone with wireless charging. 2: My Moto X barely worked with the newer Toyota Entune. The Samsung works very well with it.

The GSM coverage is far superior to the Sprint coverage in areas I frequent.

I got Samsung VR headset with the S7. It was really neat for about an hour before I tired of it… In that time the phone got hot and the battery had dropped from full to less than 50%.

Well, then I’m very happy to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:

It would require the two-step GSM to CDMA SIM shuffle but recently having been afforded the pleasure to play with a Google Pixel, I’ve more or less decided that will be the next phone I buy. The Pixel 2 is a very nice phone but you can’t get it direct from Republic.

As for the SIM shuffle itself, it’s not all that bad. I’ve done it several times and I’m confident either I or someone else here would be able to walk your through it if need be. In my experience, Republic staff gets that CDMA SIM out very quickly when it’s the appropriate solution.

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Can you find me a Pixel 2 for under $600?? :grin::grin:

If you’d consider a refurb, yes:

I’ve purchased (and know others who have as well) Geek Squad refurbished merchandise before. In my experience they look and perform like new. The warranty is limited to 90 days, however, so caveat emptor.

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We purchased a Samsung Gear S3 that was Geek Squad Certified and other than the box it looked completely brand new and has functioned well for nearly a year now.

@rolandh - I noticed the 2 phones that came up in the search you linked to were both for Verizon. Will that work for BYOP, or does it have to say “unlocked” ?

With the Pixel, and the Pixel only, the Verizon version will work.


Thanks, @louisdi

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Thanks for all the input guys! I ultimately decided to order the Moto X4. I decided that for everyday use, I prefer the features of the Moto phones over any of the upgrades on other devices. The only thing that really made the S8 appealing was the ease of the VR-ready features, but I discovered I could purchase both a Moto X4 and an Oculus Go for less than the cost of the S8 by itself if I wanted those extra features. Thanks!

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