Need help unblocking a phone number please

Hi. I have a Moto E4. I blocked a phone number to test out how it works and now I need to unblock it. I took it off of the Blocked Numbers list but when I receive a phone call from the number, it doesn’t ring my phone. Also, text messages from the phone number aren’t showing up in my Messages window. I have to go to Spam & blocked in Messages to see the text. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi @rheap.bormjb and welcome to the Community!

This is an odd one as it sounds like you’ve done precisely what one should do to unblock the number. Just to confirm, you’ve opened the Phone app, navigated to the blocked numbers list and removed the number in question? Have you restarted the phone?

If the answer to the above is yes, might you have a third party call blocking app on your phone?

Thank you for the quick help! Yes, I’ve done both of those things and unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed the problem.

I don’t believe that I have a third party call blocking app on my phone. What’s the best way for me to check that?

You (or someone) would have installed it on the phone. Unless someone else might have had access to the phone and done so, I think it’s safe to rule it out.

As a next step, I’d suggest clearing the app and Android system caches as described here:

Hi @rheap.bormjb,

Another thought; when you look at the message thread in Spam & blocked, is there an option to Unblock there?

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, I just did it and it didn’t work.

No option to unblock there. When I click on the three dots on the Spam and blocked screen, it only says Blocked Contacts and Help & feedback.

I figured it out. I had to add the phone number back to the blocked calls list in the phone app. Then I opened up the text message in the Spam and blocked window and an option popped up to unblock it. Phew! Thank you for your help today! I really appreciate it!


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