Need help with Moto g7 Power

I have a moto g7 power which is hardbricked and desperatly need to get it fixed. If anyone is using a moto g7 power xt1955-4, which is rooted, or if you’re planning/willing to root it, please let me know. I really need your help. (Need someone to get me loader.img from a working variant of my device to fix mine)

I suggest you go to XDA-developers forums for such community support.

Or use Google to find possible solutions.

That model phone is not supported on Republic Wireless and no one here would be using that exact model device. (only the XT1955-5 will work on Republic)

This community forums are for Republic Wireless customers or potential customers to ask questions and to help trouble shoot issues with Republic Service or phones.

Also, there is very few users here that even know much about rooting and such things.
Such modifications are not recommend or supported by RW.

I found this via Google: may be a good place for you to start.


Ah i didn’t realize. Thanks for linking the guide but i’ve pretty much tried everything on xda, including that blankflash. Which is why i’m now trying to find answers on as many other forums as i can.

Yet another example of the risk of rooting and modding today’s modern devices.
Things used to be much easier and have far less risk back in the day…but not today.
(I used to be heavy into custom roms back in 2009-2015)
But ever since i got a Pixel phone, have not found a reason/need for root or custom rom.

Anyways…good luck with trying to un-brick your device.

Yeah, my main reason for switching to lineage was to get rid of google. But apperantly having privacy runs the risk of permanantly breaking my phone.

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