Need help with using a Hot Spot or my RW phone to stream football

I had a question about the hotspot and the amount of data that it uses. Should I get a hotspot to watch football games with on the computer. Or will the one that comes with the Phone be fine and how much data will I need

I want to stream football games on Saturdays and during the week. How much data would I need to buy to use the hotspot for that

Lots! There are calculators available (google it), but I’d budget between 1 and 3 GB per hour, depending on the bit rate. HD bit rates are a killer.

You really want to watch via WiFi.

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Hi @coachg59

How much data you need to buy depends on the resolution of the video image and how many bits per second the streaming uses to deliver that resolution.

Standard definition (480P) uses 480 - 660 MB per hour so 1 GB of cell data would provide about two hours if viewing at this resolution.

High Definition (1080P) uses 2.4 - 4.1 GB per hour so streaming HD content would consume 1 GB of data in 15 minutes or less.


@johnny5 posted good stuff while I was typing. You get the drift.


I have an RV, that I live/travel in now. That is the issue. Maybe another provider would be better for my situation.

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Well that definitely means that I need unlimited data right

That’s what I do now but there are times that I just can’t get Wi-Fi anymore I’m in an RV

Your choices for free football content away from WiFi are currently broadcast TV, AM & FM radio.

For streaming content away from WiFi, an unlimited data plan could be an option. If you decide to pursue this, please be sure to check the T&C’s related to throttling and how they handle streaming video.

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You need StarLink!

Just remember that no unlimited plan is actually unlimited. Many throttle after 13GB. Others after 22GB. A few after 50GB. And nearly every one of them caps streaming video at 480P (SD not HD).

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