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Many, many months ago, I signed up with RW with two phones for my adolescent children and this account has been on autopilot since. The on-boarding process was rough and I ended up having to create a different gmail account as a work around. Now, I’d like to increase our plan and order new SIM cards for some new phones, but I can’t remember the gmail account for logging on and I cant get help without logging on. O-My-Heavens-Me, is this frustrating!! Please help!!

Hi @geekmom33,

The email address you seek is the one receiving email invoices for the phones in question. If you’re able to locate that but don’t remember the account password, you may change the password here:

If the above doesn’t help, it’s still possible to get help from Republic for this chicken and egg conundrum. Please send email to The email may be sent from any email address available to you. Staff will reply with a series of questions intended to establish account ownership. I ask for your patience with that process as it’s a regulatory mandated one.


Thanks so much – I’ll be emailing. As I mentioned, in on-boarding I had to create more than one new gmail account to make things work and I never used them again after that so I no longer know what it is/was.

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