Need loud phone

Love my Republic service, but I am a bit hard of hearing. I need a recommendation for a Republic compatible phone with a high handset volume.

All help appreciated.

Hi @margareth.vuubca,

I don’t know that any of the phones are known for being loud, but many are compatible with certain kinds of hearing aids. I think @jben would be able to provide some guidance there if that’s something you’re interested in.

  • I have used each generation of the Moto phones up to my current Moto X Pure. Some have provided HA compatible adjustments (usually found in Settings/Accessibility) some haven’t, but by FCC regs all must be compatible. These adjustments work for some, not for others and for me I never could really tell the difference

    The FCC defines Hearing Aid Compatiblity (HAC) for cell phones in terms of two parameters; radio-frequency (RF) emissions and telecoil coupling. HAC-compliant device packages are marked with “M” or “T” ratings. The M-rating refers to the microphone mode. The T-rating refers to the telecoil mode.

  • For me it has come down to learning where the HA picks up the sound and holding the phone where the speaker outlet is closest.

    • I use BTE (Behind the Ear) so all the mikes are above/behind my ear with the wire going into the speaker that in my ear. So I have to hold the phone a bit above the top of my ear so it doesn’t block the speaker
      • Coming from the old school Bell world, where the handset was concave to allow pressing hard against the ear as necessary this took a bit of adjustment on my part.
  • Many Hearing Aids are Bluetooth capable and can connect direct to your Android phone

  • Hopefully others will add their experiences and possibly point out their choices, also some Audiologist can provide some recommend devices for your particular HA.

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