Need new phone, but don't want to lose current plan

Currently have the unlimited $25 plan and need to upgrade phone. What phone/plan would be comparable?

a used legacy 1.0/2.0 Republic Moto* Phone will be needed to keep the 1.0 plan you have (last new model stop being made and stock ran out over a month ago,

Try looking at or eBay

  • Moto X 1st Gen

  • Moto X 2nd Gen

  • Moto E 1st Gen

  • Moto E 2nd Gen

  • Moto G 1st Gen

  • Moto G 3rd Gen

Information on the new RW 3.0 plans/phone is available in the links below. If you purchase a “new” phone from RW or other vendor you won’t be able to stay on your old plan. Depending upon your amount of data usage per month you may find the 3.0 plans to be lower or higher per month. All current 3.0 phones and SIM cards are being sold as using RW’s GSM provider and you should check coverage if you decide to give the 3.0 plans a try,

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