Need New Phone Recommendation


I am now on my 3rd Moto phone. I need a new one. I have Moto G Gen 1, Gen 3 and I think the one I have now is Gen 4.
The phone is slow and it is not retaining a charge more than 4 hours. The last one I had also had the battery issue.
What phones do you use and would you recommend it? I want one faster than the current one and one that has better battery life. I have had the current phone a year. I feel I shouldn’t need a new phone after a year. (I could get a new battery, but I have a screen issue, too)
I would like to order a new one within the next week.



My partner got a G5_S+ three months ago, joined Republic, and is ecstatic about both decisions. The phone’s battery is lasting more than two days with active use.


Some poorly designed apps can make a phone run slow and drain the battery quickly. Just to make sure this isn’t what is happening to you, run your phone in Safe Mode for a day or two. All of the native apps will work, none of the downloaded apps will.


If you are in an area that supports Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless, B&H Photo and Video has the Moto Z Play on sale for a limited time at $269.99. It’s last years model, but it’s fast, has a good camera, and excellent battery life.


Thanks for the recommendation. I am really considering the Moto Z Play.
There is a review from a Republic Wireless customer who said they returned the phone because it didn’t work with the network, yet it is listed one of the phones listed you can bring.


The Moto Z Play [1st Gen] is a GSM only phone and can only be activated on Republic’s GSM partner [T-Mobile],
The Moto Z2 Play [2nd gen] has a CDMA radio but due to an activation issue Republic can not yet activated on CDMA and is currently stuck with the GSM partner as all BYOD start on the GSM partner

If you need Sprint coverage [over T-Mobile’s] the Moto Z line is not a good fit