Need new phone. Suggestions?

Hubby has a Moto X 2nd and needs a new phone. He is on the original $10 plan. Any suggestion? I am looking at the Moto E5 Play.

How often does your husband use his phone and what does he use it for?

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Mostly to call me if he is out and about. We work from home but he runs the errands we need. That is why he is on the $10 plan. He does not need a higher end phone. I have the Moto 5G Play

FYI. The Moto E5 Play will only work on the GSM network, which is different than the CDMA Sprint network that your husband’s current phone uses.

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To add to @grandbobby’s information here is a link to Detailed Supported Phone Features a table provided by the user community.

  • If the Column labeled ‘CDMA’ is NO then the phone is only supported on GSM (T-Mobile) and depending on your location you may experience different results from the Sprint only phones

I am sorry I don’t know what you are talking about; GSM and CDMA. Can you just tell me what phone will work for him (before he goes and buys a flip phone which what he really wants) And to be honest I am not smart phone smart either.

  • Your husbands Moto X (2nd Gen) uses the Sprint network (the technology is called CDMA)

    • The phone your mentioned that you were interested in (Moto E5 Play) will NOT work on that carrier. It would only work on T-Mobile (the technology is called GSM)
  • We know you have a Moto 5G Play, which can work on either Sprint or T-Mobile

    • To determine which carrier you are using please do the following
      • Open the Republic App :rw_3: on your phone
        Tap the settings cog :settingsicon: in the top right corner of the app window
        Tap ‘About’
        Under the ‘Phone Info’ section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)
  • If your phone is CDMA, then you are on Sprint and he could use any of the phones marked Yes in the CDMA column of Detailed Supported Phone Features

  • If your phone is GSM, then you are on T-Mobile … so it would look like he could use either carrier and the list referred to above provides some other key things to consider

If you are looking to buy the least expensive phone from republic wireless that is capable of either network, it is currently the G6 Play. If I remember correctly, you had to change your Sim card for better coverage, from GSM to CDMA.
Hope this is the answer you are looking for.

By the way, I remember you from Facebook 5 years ago when we started with the Moto X 1st Gen.

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grandbobby and jben Thank you for your help
Grandbobby You have a MUCH better memory than me on both points. And my memory is much worse now than it was then. I forgot I had to get a new Sim card.
So my G5 is not even available now! So how long before they stop supporting the G5?
I may just let him get the phone he wants at Walmart because

  1. He will loose the $10 plan
  2. Can probably get a phone for less than the G6 Play
  3. I remember it was a struggle for me to set up my G5 and he is less smart phone literate than me.
    Any other suggestions because we are seniors and cost is a factor?
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Someone must have a suggestion of a cheap phone for my hubby? Please read the posts above

This one:

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of the phone Republic currently sells the cheap phones are saving cost by having only GSM radios (will only on Republic GSM partner {T-Mobile} and will not work on the CDMA partner {Sprint} that the current Moto X2 uses [and @grandbobby thinks you have]
here are the cheapest 4 phones
Alcatel A30 at $99 (GSM only and have not heard good thing about this phone
Moto E5 Play at $129 (GSM only)
Samsung J3 at $169 (GSM only)
Moto G6 Play at $199 (lowest that is both GSM and CDMA)

Have they done away with my phone the moto 5 play? If so, why?

Motorola discontinued it for the new model Moto G6 play. Motorola has typically released a new model of phone in the G series every year. Honestly, after reviewing your posts over the years and the issues you’ve had, the Moto G6 Play gives you the best chance of having a happy experience with Republic Wireless at the lowest cost. I would recommend you only buy it from the Republic Wireless store.


cbwahlstrom so when will they discontinue support and upgrades on my G5?

It will always be supported. I can’t say when operating system updates will stop, but it’s not generally a big deal. I use phones that haven’t had updates in years.

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Is it made by Lenovo or Motorola?

Yes. Motorola is owned by Lenovo (and has been since 2015).

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Motorola typicality release 1 major OS update and about 2 years of security updates on the Mid line series phones that is the Moto G line (note the budget line of Moto E usually get no major update and about a year of security updates)
this is only in regard of OS updates
Republic has not stop supported any of the 3.0 or 2.0 phones (only the Beta phone
Lenovo owns the Motorola brand

you keep saying you have a Moto 5G Play but this does not exist the 5 gen Moto G line was just the Moto G5 Plus and G5S Plus do you mean G4 Play?

Moto G5 Plus , and as I have stated I have memory problems

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