Need new phone

@My gen 2 screen cracked then went black. It still takes a charge and powers on. There is no locking password on it. I would like to purchase a new phone from republic and would like to know the best way to go about it. I already have an republic account. Also after getting a new phone how will I go about transferring the data from old phone to new phone?

Hi @earlm.0f86s8,

Let’s start with the easy part. Ordering a new phone from Republic starts here: Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless. Please be certain to enter the zip code where you’ll most use your phone. Republic will present phones optimized to work well in that area.

As for transferring data from your old phone. Anything synced to your Google account on your current phone will populate your new phone when you add that same Google account to the new phone. This is likely to include apps, calendar items, contacts and (if Google Photos was configured to back them up), photos.

Since the phone powers on with no lock screen, you may also be able to retrieve content from the phone by plugging it into a computer, transferring information to the computer, then from the computer to the new phone.

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