Need new provider, suggestions?


Republic wireless cannot fix their issues. Service is terrible and they have no customer service. Please suggest good providers.



What issues? What phone?
What steps have you taken to trouble shoot them?
Have you opened a ticket for support?

Customer Service is excellent and I and my mother have had very little issues with RW in years.

RW uses 2 major cellular network partners, GSM Tmobile, and CDMA Sprint. So, if either of of those carriers have poor cell service in your area, then RW (or an other MVNO) that uses those networks may not be good for you. Instead, ATT or Verizon may be better.

If you post your zip code, the community can verify what coverage is the best option, GSM or CDMA.

Edit: I see you have made a post elsewhere, about texting issues on a Moto E4.
Are you using Google Message or Republic Anywhere?
Have you made sure your Android operating system has all its updates?
There may be several you need to do.

Have you tried Refreshing the Republic Activation while on wifi?

Here is the article on troubleshooting texting issues:



Hi @lorettai,

I see you’ve asked a couple of questions here in Community for the first time today, some trouble with text messages and spam calls. Have you tried any of the suggestions you’ve received?

I also see that your support ticket of about an hour ago was replied to just 10 minutes after you asked, but I don’t see a reply from you there. Are you able to see the reply?

We have customer support, and we’re trying to help you. Is there something more we could do to try to help you troubleshoot these issues? Would you like a technician to call you this evening?

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This past week my Moto E4 started acting weird. People I call and text daily complained that I didn’t answer them. I didn’t get their texts and they didn’t get mine. I can call them but they can’t call me. Any insight???



Hi @lorettai,

I moved your other topic into this one, so we have the full context together in one place. I’m sorry to see our member community didn’t have any suggestions for you, but I see you have been able to work with our Help team toward a solution to the issues you describe.


Message an
Expert customer