Need option to turn off call waiting


Despite the prior instructions of " phone–> 3 dots upper right --> settings --> calls --> additional settings --> wait for it to read the settings --> call waiting, tap so slider goes to left", there is currently no way to deactivate call waiting on Republic Wireless (per the support team). I feel this is a critical need that Republic needs to add. I’ve never used call waiting and find it disruptive to my calls.

Provide option to turn off call waiting

Thanks for the feedback @JimDom,

Changes like you’ve described can be very slow to develop, especially if the call-waiting feature is baked into Android’s call handling functions rather than our app, and particularly when the demand for such a feature is very low.

I wonder if someone here might be able to come up with a solution using Macrodroid? We have some people in Community who are very skilled at workarounds with that app.


I do recall someone who had Tasker setup in a way that will just decline a call waiting call.
However, this is no longer possible because any non default call or messaging apps that need Call and SMS access/permissions are now blocked by Google due to security/privacy concerns. Thus breaking any functions that Tasker and probably MacroDroid in regards to calls and texts.


Haven’t been able to test these MacroDroid scripts fully as i would need access to 3 phones, but they did work individually.

This requires 3 separate scripts:

  1. Call Reject on Incoming Call.
  2. Turn on Call Reject when a call is active
  3. Turn off Call Reject when call is ended

Macro for Call Reject, but do not enable

Macro for Turn on Call Reject for active call

Macro for Turn Off Call Reject when call ended

The Enable/Disable Macro is found under the MacroDroid Specific Actions. This will give you a list of all the macros created, so you will need to create the Reject Incoming Call macro first.

And i guess one could enable the Call Reject macro and force all incoming calls to voicemails, at least until you ended your next outgoing call.


Thank you, I appreciate that you and the other folks responded to my note. I’m not one to start adding in additional apps to take care of something like this. AT&T allowed this capability on the same phone, I don’t know how Google factors into this. And I’m not even going to try to learn how to put macros on a phone.

I’ll give it until the end of the year, but if others aren’t asking for it, I’ll just switch back to ATT. It’s worth the additional money to not have my calls interrupted.


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