Need over 200 voice mails deleted did help ticket several times with no luck

moto x 2nd gen

**What plan are you on?base plan 1 gb

tect, phone & data

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need over 250 voice mails deleted did help ticket several times today & a couple over a month ago with no luck

Hi @larrym.dplwdv,

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Your fellow Community members won’t be able to help with this. Voicemail bulk deletion has to be done by staff.

I’ve reviewed your ticket history and I see one request in April which closed out await your confirmation. We take voicemail deletion very seriously and cannot proceed without a confirmation.

You have opened three tickets tonight within a 20-minute span. Those have all been merged into a single ticket so we can focus the conversation in a single place and serve you better. I’ve replied to that remaining ticket and it requires your response before we can proceed. You can log in to view the ticket and reply here:

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For those who might encounter this thread in the future, opening multiple tickets never makes a response faster, in fact it most often will slow things down as instead of spending time helping you, staff spends their time merging your tickets, which can actually push your ticket to the back of the line as they are merged in to your newest ticket. If you need to add something to a ticket you already have open, you can do that by going to and add to the ticket there.


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