Need plan and phone advice



So, if I understand it right there are two plan - one uses Sprint towers and the other T-mobile, the later providing more coverage/reception ( I have the old cheaper plan now and I don’t get very good coverage on the NorthEast
side of Lake Mille Lacs in MN) So I’m looking to upgrade my plan and perhaps get the coverage I need. What would be the most inexpensive phone compatible that is needed to run off the T-Mobile towers? Or have I got this all wrong LOL ? I currently have a Moto X 2nd Gen.


Hi @vernw!

You are mostly correct. Whether T-mobile or Sprint provides better coverage is dependent on your location. I would recommend going here and checking your coverage. If it says that BYOD is available, then T-Mobile has good coverage there. If it gives a warning and says BYOD is not available, then Sprint is likely better. If T-Mobile’s coverage is, indeed, better, than the cheapest phone Republic currently sells is the Alcatel A30 for $79. You can view it here: Alcatel A30 | Republic Wireless . I hope that helps!



There’s also a staff review of several of our phones, including the A30 here:


from the carrier coverage maps it looks like GSM may be a better fit (though it does not look to be strong coverage)
1st there isn’t plans difference between CDMA and GSM (though legacy phones which used older plans could only be used on CDMA (Sprint))
all 3.0 Phones use 3.0 Clear Choice plans Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless
all 3.0 phones can be used on the GSM partner (T-Mobile)
some 3.0 phones can be on CDMA (with more coming after a technical issue with activating the new SIM from the CDMA partner)
the table in this post give a good list of GSM /CDMA compatible phones


So DRM what is my Moto G 2nd gen capable of using?


Republic does not support the Moto G 2nd Gen (Just the Legacy phones of Moto G 1st, Moto 3rd, and the 3.0 phones Moto G4, Moto G4 play, Moto G4 Plus, Moto G5 plus, Moto G5S Plus)
the Legacy phones are CDMA,
the G4 family can be either, the G5 Plus is also either, the G5S Plus is currently GSM only but CDMA is coming soon once the technical issue is dealt with.

note the Moto G 2nd was a GSM only phone but is not compatible with Republic 3.0)


Sorry I meant my Moto X 2nd Gen


Moto X 1st and Moto X 2nd are Legacy phones so their CDMA Only

note they are on a second table in the thread I post above