Need recommendation for cell phone booster for MotoX gen1, CDMA/EVDO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)

I’ve been in the Republic for about 6 years

I have a Moto X gen 1 CDMA/EVDO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)

I have the most basic plan, no data.

I spend time way out in the country and need a signal booster I can install in my car - must be 12v powered. A lot of times I’m roaming and then I think it uses Verizon out of town which is good because Verizon has the best coverage in my state.

So if anyone has experience in using a booster, I’m all ears.

What make/model booster works best ?
thanks in advance

As you look to boost your cellular coverage, please be aware that your Moto X1 was 1st announced in 2013 and apparently served you well … but some things to consider:

  • Roaming is not something that is guaranteed, and as the carriers begin to move towards 5G you will start seeing some re-purposing of some of the bands and possible loss of connection
  • The phone could die, leaving you with a expensive booster of little or no value if it only covers the two frequency bands you mention.
  • Your Moto X1 currently works with the following freqs, per this spec

  • I would install RootMetrics on your phone and see what carriers it may pick up as you travel to the area (you can also go to their website to see if others have provided feedback via the app that will give you a bit more info to base you decision on
  • Here is a link to Wilson Cell boosters that allows you to drill down by carrier

Honestly, this woudl only be a temporary band aid.
The Sprint 3G CDMA network that those legacy phone use is shutting down, bit by bit.
And once Tmobile converts it all over to 5G band, those phones will no longer have any cell network function.
So there will be no signal to “boost”.

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Thank you very much. If there’s no booster that makes sense economically, could I adapt an antenna to it somehow?

There hasn’t been any phones that can take any kind of external plug in antenna in well over a decade.


One thing you could consider is using a mobile WiFi hotspot that works with a carrier who has service out there in the boonies. This should work for text and data on an RW phone but may or may not provide acceptable call quality.

You connect the hotspot to the carrier network and then connect your RW phone to the hotspot over WiFi.

If the power plug on the hotspot is any variant of USB, you can use a car charger - some kind of adapter may be necessary.

There will be the upfront cost of the hardware and you will need to pay for data when you want to use it so it is likely more costly on an ongoing basis.

Other customers have done this, not only in the boonies in the US but also in foreign countries.

I am in more or less the same position as you. Don’t expect Verizon service to last, they plan to phase out CDMA service starting at the beginning of next year article. I have had a couple years of roaming-related wonkiness that I think is related to this. The GPS system has already been compromised link.

Instead of spending time and money on an antenna, a new phone is in order. These Moto X phones are unlikely to work, at all, in less than 12 months. It looks like GSM is the future. It’s the past, too, for most of the world.


“GSM is the future. It’s the past, too, for most of the world.”

I don’t understand, you’re contradicting yourself?

So my motox will be just f for hotspots. I’ll download a dash cam app, or a GPS nav app. It won’t be tossed in a drawer.

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GSM has been the world wide standard since 1982 everywhere except the US (and a bit Japan). My interpretation is that the comment was simply a reference to that.

I’ve had my X from the very start and in all these years NOT even one problem no not even one
I am still pissed that one day it will be put to rest. Love my first gen.

Yeah, I’ll download an offline GPS map/dash cam app and Bluetooth an external GPS antenna to it. It will live on.

It will also run Avare for flying as backup flight instruments/navigation

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