Need Recommendation on Largest-Screen Phone With Smallest Memory

Wife’s (70) vision is declining.
Current phone is Moto G, with 4.5-inch LCD
Only app she really uses is SMS and Gmail much less often.

Thinking about buying a Republic SIM Card and shopping the used market, like Gazelle, etc.
Need any recommendations on something with a LARGE screen.

Also, any apps with larger font size for texting?



You can find the screen size of the phones RW supports here:

Font size can be adjusted in settings.

Frankly, I much prefer texting from my PC using RW’s Anywhere app. My eyesight is failing too.


The Nexus 6 is a few years old, but you might still be able to find a new one out there somewhere. I gave mine to a friend who has vision problems. He loves it


You might also look into some of the accessibility settings on your current phone. There is a nice listing of accessibility settings, and how to enable them (large fonts may be helpful for your wife), at the following link;

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Wow, many thanks for the quick help! I just showed her Anywhere minutes ago on her 24-inch All-In-One touch screen PC! The font-size settings were once tried, but it’s a 5-year old design. Gotta do some shopping this weekend!

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