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I have a Moto g that I’m OK happy with. But no additional storage and running out of space, too much unneeded app clutter I never use. My usage is virtually all WiFi, not even sure if or when I use"data". No gaming etc, just calls, texts and some internet via WiFi. Any guidance for a minimalist user? Thanks.



I would be looking at a budget or mid line phone
Moto E4 is a good phone ($99) this years budget
Moto E4 Plus ($199) this years higher budget
Moto G4 ($179) Last years mid line)
Moto G5 Plus ($229 2GB RAM/32 Storage-$299 4GB RAM 64 Storage) (this years higher mid line)
the Moto G4 and G5 can be have the same underlying carrier (CDMA Sprint) you current phone has, while the Moto E4 and E4 Plus are on the GSM Partner (T-Mobile) underlying network,5468,5498,5177,5425

for a different experience there the Huawei Ascend 5W ($149) or the BYOD Alcatel A30,

note all new phones will have new plans ($15 for a no data plan, $20 for 1 GB) Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless



Actually, the experience on the Alcatel A30 (unlike the Huawei Ascend 5W) is a remarkably stock Android one. At its price point the A30 is a capable phone. That said, in my opinion, at a similar price point the Moto E4 is a much more responsive phone. Either way, budget phones, have come a long way.



I think the Moto E⁴ Plus would be a great phone for you. Has enough storage to handle your day-to-day activities and is super affordable :slight_smile:



Before you replace your phone, do you know if your storage woes are only due to applications or also photos? Just asking because you can always copy those photos off to save some space.

I would recommend the pixel XL :slight_smile:

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