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My Samsung S8 was recently lost/stolen. I have an old Samsung clamshell and a Samsung Cricket Galaxy Amp (neither have a sim card). This senior with a fading memory needs advice about getting a sim card to use until I buy a new Samsung Smartphone—ideally a card that could be used with the old phones and a new smartphone. I just renewed my Republic Wireless My Choice Talk & Text + 1 GB Cell Data account for another year. It’s supported by T-Mobile in Hilo, T-Mobile touts 5G but I don’t think it’s available here in Pahoa. Best/smartest deal, price, vendor, etc. Aloha, Kerry

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried locating the phone using Google’s tools described here: Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device?

There is no Republic SIM that would work with either of those phones. Neither is Republic compatible. Do you know if the Cricket branded phone is unlocked? Was the clamshell purchased from a particular service provider? Is the clamshell unlocked?

So long as you don’t cancel Republic service, a new Republic SIM could take over your current Republic number and plan but you would need a Republic compatible phone. I strongly suggest not canceling Republic service as your annual plan is non-refundable.

T-Mobile may or may not support 5G in your area (I’m uncertain). Regardless 5G is not currently available with Republic service.

The only vendor that would ship a Republic SIM directly to Hawaii is Amazon. Republic compatible phones are also available at Amazon. Best Buy and B&H Photo are good sources also. When attempting to source Republic compatible phones other than from Republic directly (Republic doesn’t ship to Hawaii), one must shop carefully. I suggest the Community guidance linked here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

If I may add to @rolandh’s good advice…

You can still access your text messages by installing Republic Anywhere on another device (IOS, Windows…) and signing in with your Republic credentials. :slight_smile:

If needed you can download a copy here:

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Thanks all, Great support.

To be certain, will a Galaxy S10+ with GPS work here in Hawaii? GPS worked with my old Galaxy S8+.

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Yes, so long as the the compatibility requirements are met as noted by Republic here: Samsung Galaxy S10+. Please be certain to acquire a Republic compatible Galaxy S10+ as there are both Republic compatible and incompatible variants in the market.


Re: No 5G via T-Mobile. Good to know. Thanks.

Would a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version | 128GB of Storage | Fingerprint ID and Facial Recognition | Long-Lasting Battery | Prism Black (SM-G973U1ZKAX)
work here in Hawaii via T-Mobile? My stolen S8+ worked fine.

No, this phone model would not work with Republic.
It must be model number SM-G975U1 or one of the following Manufacturer’s Part Numbers (MPN):

This is incorrect. The KAX version of the phone IS Republic compatible. It is simply black in color (that’s what the K means).

just note that the description is for a S10+ but that number is for an (SM-G973U1ZKAX) S10 not the plus version (the plus version is SM-G975U1KAX)

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I’m confused. drm186 says no and Burusutazu is touting the S10+

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Let’s see if we can cut through some of the confusion. Any Republic compatible phone would work as well in Hawaii as your Samsung Galaxy S8+ did.

Specifically, the Galaxy S10+ you referenced above is, as confirmed by @louisdi, Republic compatible.

Thank you.

How about this Note?

I think what @drm186 was getting at is that model SM-G973U1ZKAX is a Galaxy S10, not an S10+. SM-G973U1ZKAX is a Republic Wireless compatible model, but it’s a model # for a Galaxy S10.


The linked phone is Republic compatible, however, is a Galaxy S10+ not a Galaxy Note.

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 512 GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+ (SM-N975UZKEXAA) work with RW?

Thanks, Kerry

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Most likely, yes. Do you have a link to the listing?


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 256 GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+ (SM-N975UZKAXAA)

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Yes, SM-N975UZKAXAA is among the Republic compatible variants noted by Republic here:

Thank you. rolandh et al.

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Thanks for you patience. To confirm, the Galaxy Note 20 5G will work with RW?

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