Need SIM cards for new phones?

Long time RW customer. I have 2 phones that I’m upgrading and would like 2 SIM cards so I’ll be ready to upgrade when phones arrive.

Hi @surfSalterpath,

Are you aware new SIMs mean new plans? Republic announced new plans last Tuesday. It is no longer possible to activate new SIMs on My Choice plans. New plan details are linked here:

The not exactly elegant but temporary process for moving from My Choice to new plans is described here:

If the intent is to upgrade phones but keep current My Choice plans, doing so may or may not be possible. To make the determination, we would need to know the brands, models, and generations of the new phones? We would also need to know whether the SIMs in the phones being replaced are GSM or CDMA? Here’s how to tell:


Thanks for the info.
THIS sure is a PIA!
There’s GOT to be an EASIER WAY for people to move to a new phone and KEEP
the SAME “MyChoice” plan w/o having to go thru all this rigamaroll! CRAZY!
but I do appreciate your explanation.
Looks like I will have to do a little more “studying” on this BIG TIME WASTER to figure it
all out.

I have 1 RW acct w/ 2 lines on the one acct.
I pay annually to take advantage of the ‘free month’ $314/98/year for the 2 lines.

My Samsung Galaxy S7 is:
“preferred network mode” = “LTE/CDMA”

I want to move this phone to my sisters RW acct because her sorry MOTO4 has died again
and she needs a new phone w/ the SAME RW acct that I have her set up on. MyChoice $15/m (no GB). It looks like from the ‘new plans’ selection this will not be possible and I will have to go with the $30/m plan since I am changing phones. Am i correct in this assumption?

Existing My Choice plans are grandfathered. It is not possible to activate fresh SIMs on a My Choice plan. It is possible to replace one My Choice compatible phone with another My Choice compatible phone by moving the active SIM from the phone being replaced, if the active SIM is GSM. It is not possible to move an active CDMA SIM between phones as CDMA SIMs are phone specific.

I’m understanding you are replacing your Samsung Galaxy S7 and that it appears to have a CDMA SIM. Am I understanding correctly? If so, you will need a new SIM and corresponding new plan for the phone replacing the Galaxy S7.

I’m also understanding you wish to give the Galaxy S7 to your sister for use on a My Choice plan on her account? If that understanding is correct, we would need to know the SIM type in her Moto “4”. Since the phone is dead, she or you would need to examine the SIM in her phone. Is the “public” part of the word Republic green? Or, is the entire word Republic all gray or all black?

You mention having two phones in your Republic account. Are both phones in your Republic account being replaced? And, if so, what is the SIM type in the other phone in your account?

Indeed, there is some complexity here but we can walk you through it as long as you are kind enough to provide answers to all questions asked, so we may do so.


Thanks for your reply!

Is there an easy way to pull this off?

I have one RW acct w/ 2 lines: One for me and one for my sister.
My annual renewal is 6feb2022
Her phone MOTO4 (RW CDMA-mychoice w/no GB) died so it needs to be replaced.

I would like to move my S7 (RW CDMA-mychoice w/5gb) to her RW acct.

Purchase the S20(note) or S21 (ultra) and use the same RW CDMA (plan) for my new phone.

Given my annual renewal is 6feb2022 how best do we do this?

Is this any clearer?


??? so what do i do?

You’re most welcome.

Candidly, at this time, no.

If you want to keep both phones in a single account, both would need to move to new 5.0 plans and both would need to use the same plan. The current and temporary (but we don’t know how long temporary is) process for moving to new 5.0 plans requires opening a new account. Please see the details linked here:

In short:

  1. You would need to create a new account
  2. Order two new 5.0 plans using that new account (with 5.0 one purchases plans and Republic ships SIMs for the number of plans purchased)
  3. Upon receipt activate the new SIMs using the new account you created for the order

I’m mildly confused by your reference to “her account”. Her phone is on your account, correct? Your Samsung Galaxy S7 is not on Republic’s list of phones compatible with new 5.0 plans. It would likely work but will probably lack WiFi calling, if that’s important to her.

Either Samsung’s Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Note20 would work with new 5.0 plans inclusive of WiFi calling, however, Republic does not currently sell either phone at its online store.

There is currently no annual payment option on 5.0 plans. Republic would credit the unused portion of your current annual payment toward future months of the 5.0 plan you choose. I say future months because on 5.0, one pays for the first month of service when buying their chosen plan.

Much and I apologize for the need to provide such a convoluted answer. The challenges here is your phones’ active CDMA SIMs are phone specific and cannot be moved to another phone and Republic can no longer activate SIMs on your current My Choice plans.

Thank you for your exlanation>
to put it bluntly!
This ■■■■■!
this is 2022 (almost and we freekin landing ■■■■ on Mars
and then there is THIS, “convoluted” methods if one ‘wants’ to stay a RW customer!

I very much wish I could disagree with your assessment but cannot. The best I’m able to do is explain to the best of my ability. The plan is for it to get better and I’m confident that will happen but am painfully aware it doesn’t help your sister with her broken phone now.

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