Need to activate my Hot Spot on my Gen 3 phone


Can you please help me to activate my Hot Spot on my Gen3 Phone. I have just bought a “Square” as a POS for our business. My tablet has WIFI, BUT I STILL NEED A HOT SPOT TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. Thank you so much.



Hi @lindag.iwjhxm,

I’ve moved your question so that it’s visible to the public; I hope that’s ok, since you didn’t ask anything personal or private in nature. We have lots of helpful Community members and someone is usually around, even when I’m not, so you’ll get faster, (and smarter) replies from the Community than from just me.

To make sure they are equipped to best answer you, though, could you please reply and confirm what phone you have? You said Gen 3 phone. Is that a Moto G 3rd Gen? If so, using it for a hotspot will be dependent on having the Republic Refund plan. Do you know whether that’s the plan you have subscribed to?


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Yes my phone is a Moto G (3 rd Gen) . My phone plan is the Republic Refund Plan. Thank you for your response. I will be looking forward to your instructions. Thank you so much for being there to help.



Go into the Android settings, tap more, then tap tethering and mobile hotspot,
This is where you set up the function
After you turn it on the option should be in the quick settings [2 finger pulldown, or a 1 finger pulldown from the notification screen]



Thank you for that information. Once I pulled down the quick settings, I can see the Hotspot Image. I tapped on the image but nothing happens. Now what do I do?



Did you set it up in the Android Settings: more: tethering, you need to setup the network name, and security, then you need turn on the hotspot NM [this can take a few seconds] then you need to add the network to your tablet



Have you set up your G3 for the tethering, naming network and making a password. You have to do that in the normal normal phone settings, More or in the RW app Cell data settings, Mobile Hotspot?

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Thank you so much for your response. I did everything you stated. I set up my network name, and then security. To turn on the hotspot do I tap on the hotspot Icon? Right now the Icon is NOT LIT UP!

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i do not have data on my plan. Should I change my plan to include data? Is that why the Hotspot Icon won’t turn on?



Got it! I had to turn on Portable WI-FI HOTSPOT. It is now active! However my phone reads WI-FI is turned OFF! Does the WI-FI mode need to be off? Thank you.



Yes you do need cell data for your other device to use and unfortunately phone won’t work as just a WiFi router extender/repeater.

Glad it’s working now. Phone using WiFi is not available during tethering so your using RW cell data at $15 per GB.

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Thank you. However my portable Hotspot is now working, but my phone reads “turn on WI-FI”!
Question : to have the hotspot working does it turn off the WI-FI AUTOMATICALLY?

Question: How much data will I need for the Hotspot to work?

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what does RW stand for please?



Republic Wireless.

Do you have some other cell data Hotspot and service besides your G3 & RW?

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No i do not.



Ok thanks, just making sure we’re on the same page and better understand your Square/POS references.

I have no clue how much data your POS system will consume. If only sending/receiving during transactions hopefully it will be satisfactory for you,

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Thank you for all of your assistance. I will buy data now. Have a great evening.


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