Need to cancel service, but keep number with no transfer!

My son is a soldier in Kuwait. I bought a phone through Republic Wireless, and started an account for him before he left. He could never get his phone to work when he got to Kuwait. So he got an account with a company in Kuwait. I want to cancel the account for him at Republic, but he brought his number with him, and he needs to keep the number. We don’t need to TRANSFER the number. He is already using the phone with VIVA. How do I just cancel his phone service? When he comes back, he will return to Republic, but that won’t be until after July.

Hi @margarett.ighibr,

First, please let me say thank you to your family for your son’s service. Second, you’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community, which is a public forum where members, like me, do our best to help other members, like you. If you prefer to have this conversation directly with Republic, here’s how: Getting Help from Republic.

Am I correct in presuming that the service in Kuwait is using a different number from the one on his Republic phone? If so, please know that you do indeed need to transfer his number somewhere rather than canceling service outright. Canceling service outright on any phone loses the number attached to that phone.

I can make suggestions for parking the number until your son returns from Kuwait. Please let me know if that would be helpful.

Hi. Thanks for responding. No he didn’t change his number. I just asked him…he says that it’s an internet chip but they charge him for it once a month.

Hi @margarett.ighibr,

If he’s using the same number he was using with Republic with a Kuwaiti service provider, his service with Republic should have been canceled when the number was activated with his service provider in Kuwait. It’s not possible (or at least it’s not supposed to be possible) for a phone number to exist on more than one telephone network simultaneously.

Additionally, a local Kuwaiti service provider wouldn’t typically be able to use a U.S. telephone number. Is VIVA, a service provider that caters specifically to the U.S. military?

I’m sorry. I forgot to say that if you think that “parking” would be the way to go then I would love to know about it. Otherwise, I guess I will just keep everything like it is. I don’t want to interrupt his phone service.

Hi @margarett.ighibr,

Is this the service provider your son is using in Kuwait:

He only uses his phone to get on the internet or to talk to other military personnel on the base. So it’s an internet SIM card and he is using it in place of the Republic SIM card. He says other guys also use the SIM card from VIVA. It’s called VIVA Kuwait Telecom Company. He DOESN’T have phone service…he just told me that. He uses facebook or voxer to communicate with the phone. Sooo, maybe the “parking” thing would work? LOL…so confusing.

Yes! That’s it.

Hi @margarett.ighibr,

Okay, apologies for all the questions and thanks for the additional information. It sounds like he’s using a data only SIM from VIVA.

Your son’s phone should work in Kuwait, if he has access to WiFi. He’d switch between Republic service and VIVA data service by swapping SIMs. Being able to use his Republic service when on WiFi might be useful for keeping in touch with you and others stateside.

If not, I suggest taking a look at Sideline for parking the number: For $5/month, your son would also be able to use his number while connected to VIVA’s data network. A slightly less expensive (and less flexible) option is NumberBarn: Number Parking, Toll Free and Local Numbers, Call Forwarding service from NumberBarn.

Transferring his number to either NumberBarn or Sideline will cancel Republic service to his phone. Your son would need to acquire a new Republic SIM to reactivate service, then transfer his number back. Keeping his Republic service active, albeit at a minimum of $15/month is also an option.

Thank you for allowing your son to serve our nation. While stationed overseas my son wanted to keep his number even though his Republic phone would not work. I sent in a help ticket and Republic dropped my son’s monthly payment to $5. When he returns to the US we will update his plan and most likely get a newer phone too.

Hi @margarett.ighibr,

I appreciate your son’s service, and your sacrifice as he is away. Thank you both.

If you haven’t yet done so, could you please open a support ticket and let’s see what options we might be able to offer, so you can have them to compare them to a number parking service.

Thank you for all your help Rolandh. Someone from Republic suggested I “open a ticket” so they could see what help they can give me. I don’t think I will go the "park"ing route. Seems like more trouble than it’s worth. We are lucky to have the internet, and Facebook these days for use in communicating. Thanks again! Margaret

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