Need to download group texts and pictures while on wifi


What phone do you have?*
Motorola G5 plus
What plan are you on?
Republic refund
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1g of data I hardly ever use

Issue Description

Ever since I have activated this phone, whenever I get group messages I need to manually download each response in the texts from that person in thier individual text chat.

I use the republic anywhere app and when I’m out and about it works fine. I get pictures, gifs and group messages fine. At home on wifi it does not.

Reading other posts similar I see clearing the cache and downloading republic anywhere to store old messages is the solution but that doesn’t seem to help as I’m using anywhere as my primary texting app.


1st check your settings


I have that checked, it still does not work while on wifi


all of them or just some?


All of them while I’m on wifi


when out at any point did were you just on wifi and it received it ok

why am I asking, if you were out and on wifi and had no problems than that rules out the phone
being out and no problems could be that you were on cell all that time…
so that is something to check… if you don’t know, go to a free wifi hot spot and turn off cell and have someone send you group message. if it come in, no problem then that rules out the phone completely
if it fails then you will need to open a help ticket and let support check it out on their end…

now if it turn out it is only at your home wifi than then it could be the router, a setting in the router, or your ISP.

but for now we need to rule out the phone…


Hi @JamesTic,

Have you tried to refresh the Republic Activation? That often helps with issues that seem to be unique to Wi-Fi.

Does the issue persists if you use the Messages app by Google :messages: and set it up according to the instructions here:


I will attempt to test this tomorrow while I’m at work. I’m pretty certain it does not work over WiFi anywhere and works fine on cell service


I did what you suggested and also cleared republic anywhere’s cashe and there may have been a slight improvement. The download message request appears in the group message rather than the individuals chat with me alone.



Hi @JamesTic,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last heard from you. Are you still having to manually download group messages? Were you able to determine whether the behavior is the same on multiple Wi-Fi networks or if it happens only on your home network?


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