Need to Ensure Number Transfers to Metro by T-Mobile

Hello. I recently canceled my account with republic. I switched to metro by t-mobile. In the store I ported my number and the phone was working to make outgoing calls. I then went online to cancel my republic phone account. In doing so I saw the question of whether I wanted to transfer the number I first selected yes and saw info about the account number and PIN. I had already used that information to port the number, and I did not see an option to continue to cancel with the intent to transfer the number so I assumed that I had already completed necessary steps to transfer the number. Since I though number transfer had already completed I then selected No and confirmed canceling my account. Now I can only make outgoing calls, and metro says the number has not been released yet by republic. I need help ensuring the my republic number form the account I canceled transferred to my metro by t-mobile account. I view this as extremely urgent and am requesting imitate assistance. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Will my number be transferred since I provided the account number and pin at Metro, or will they never release it since I clicked that I did not need to transfer it (since I hat thought at the time the transfer had already completed)? Is the fact that I can make outgoing calls on metro using my old republic number a good sign? Right now I cannot send or receive texts, only make outgoing calls. Thanks for any help.

Hi @tlp154,

Canceling service prior to a port’s completion generally leads to the port failing. The fact you’re able to make only outbound calls with Metro by T-Mobile suggests your port was not complete.

This one is not something Community cannot resolve. Please reach out to Republic staff by opening a ticket for further assistance.

For others reading, never cancel service proactively when porting your number. When porting out of Republic (and most other providers) service will cancel automatically after the port is complete. In Republic’s case, one is notified their Republic service is canceled after the port is complete.

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