Need to get into my voice mail but password has me blocked out

Can’t get to my voicemail…it’s full and I need to empty it, but I don’t know the old password…and the Republic App/setting won’t let me change to a current/new password.

Following the instructions in How to Set Up or Change Your Voicemail Password – Republic Help what step ‘fails’ for you?

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I get through the entire “change voicemail” process, but when I get out of the RepApp, and I go to the dial-in process (holding down #1 to get to voicemail)…I type in the new password and it tells me that the new password is not correct.

You might want to try powering off/on the phone, then try the new password

Okay…trying it now!

Hi jben,
Thanks!!! Turning off the phone and re-booting did it. It now works!

Thanks so much,

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Hi Again!
Is there a way to delete all the voicemail at one time, or do I have to go through each one?

There is no way to bulk delete voicemail. You’ll have to do it yourself unless you have so many that having everything deleted except the last 50 would be helpful in which case you can open a ticket and ask that support do that for you.

Thanks! Okay, i’ll do it one by one.

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