Need to make a payment - app not working

republic app not working

Hi @dianef.pc9cxu,

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Generally, payments for monthly service fees are auto-charged to the credit or debit card linked to one’s Republic account. If you’ve received notice that Republic was unable to do so, you’ll want to sign in here; Account Management | Republic Wireless, then edit payment information (click the pencil to the right of the Payment heading). If payment is late, updating payment information will cause payment to be taken within a few hours. If payment is sufficiently late that service has been suspended, it should be restored shortly after successful payment processing.

For more, please see here: Billing & Payments. If neither Republic’s documentation or any of the above help, please raise a help ticket here: Republic Help. For what it’s worth, I believe you’ll find all of this easier to do using a computer, if available to you, rather than using your phone.

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